Carlos Steffens is a compassionate father of American water polo players, Maggie Steffens and Jessica Steffens. Further, Maggie is an outstanding player who won the gold medal with the United States at 2012, 2016, and 2020 Summer Olympics.

As a dad, Carlos brings essential momentum to his daughters’ life. Moreover, Carlos has a great role in supporting her star water polo daughters, all physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Who Is The Wife Of Carlos Steffens?

Carlos is married to a woman named Peggy Steffens. They got married at a very young age and are still living happily without any hurdles in their life ever.

Both the parents are serious and devoted their lives to the secured future of their celebrity children at the moment. You may also like to read about other celebrity fathers such as Benson Schaeffer and Clarke Farmer.

Carlos Steffens with his wife Peggy Steffens on their wedding day.
Photo Source: Instagram

Maggie shared a picture of her parent’s marriage in her Instagram account. She congratulated them for the 37 years of a successful marriage. Both of them look adorable together. Carlos was wearing a classy tuxedo regarding their dresses, whereas Peggy was in a beautiful white dress with a long trail. Moreover, the couple is living happily together.

The couple is the proud parents of such amazing daughters. Maggie Steffens and Jessica Steffens are well-known personalities in American water polo history.

So How Rich Is Carlos Steffens?

Carlos is a former water polo player. Previously, he played for Puerto Rico in three Pan American Games. Later, he left the island and joined the water polo team of the University of California, Berkeley. Interestingly, his dedication towards the water polo had made her win the NCAA championship in 1977. Also, he was the PAC-10 player of the year in water polo in 1979.

Maggie Steffens with her boyfriend.
Photo Source: Instagram

Being such a phenomenal and dedicated player, we can speculate that he has earned a decent net worth from his professional career. However, the information related to his net worth and salary is never disclosed to the public. Moreover, he has immensely contributed to the history of American water polo.

More Information About Carlos Steffens

This celebrity father was born in Puerto Rico. His exact birthdate is unknown at the moment. Coming to his childhood, he became interested in water polo after witnessing a match as a child in Puerto Rico.

Further, Carlos was somehow successful in influencing his daughters both professionally and personally. Both of his daughters, Maggie and Jessica, followed the footsteps of their beloved father, Carlos.

Maggie Steffens with the team.
Photo Source: Instagram

Moreover, Carlos is a loving father who provides praise, support, and unconditional love to his daughters. He never compromises to give a good career to their daughters.

With the support from Carlos, both his daughters, Maggie and Jessica, has a high level of confidence and high self-esteem. Both of them have brilliant careers at the moment. They are truly above and beyond.

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