Carter Belfort is Jordan Belfort‘s younger son. His father is popular for defrauding investors through stock-market manipulation. Carter works for his father’s firm as a vice president of brand development. He has held several other important positions within the firm.

Does Carter Belfort Have A Girlfriend?

Carter has kept his mouth shut regarding love affairs despite his rapping, expressing a thousand things. On the other side, his single status is well-known. This talented guy is presently concentrating on his work and allowing the world to find him a mate at its own pace. Also, know about Eja Lange.

Carter Belfort
Carter Belfort
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Carter works for his father’s company and is pursuing a career in music. Belfort is frequently seen with his father at events such as his podcast and other appearances. Carter appears to have a quiet disposition, despite his father’s colorful life as a womanizer and calm demeanor.

Net Worth Of Carter Belfort

The aspiring rapper has only recently begun his professional career. As a result, there is no information regarding his net worth. However, his father, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is $100 million. According to Daily Mail, Jordan’s deception cost his investors a hefty $200 million.

Carter Belfort
Carter with his father Jordan at Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles
Image: Instagram

Furthermore, his mother, Nadine Caridi’s net worth is around $2 million, similar to Emma McKeon. She has amassed via her work as a former model and influencer and a current family and marital therapist. It’s ironic because she’s divorced herself.

About Carter’s Parents (Jordan Belfort And Nadine Caridi) Relationship

Carter Belfort’s mother, Nadine Caridi, is his father’s second marriage, while he was her first. Jordan had previously tied the knot to Denise Lombardo. They married in 1991 after meeting through Nadine’s then-boyfriend, who was invited to Jordan’s celebration. When they saw one other for the first time, they quickly felt a connection.

Then, they left their significant others and began a life together. Unfortunately, their marriage did not endure, and they divorced in 2005 after raising two gorgeous and talented children. Nadine, shortly after tying the knot to John Macaluso.

Carter’s Siblings, Career

Overall, Carter has four biological siblings, as well as three half-siblings. Carter has a biological brother called Chandler Befort and three half-siblings named Frankie Macaluso, Allie Macaluso, and Nicky Macaluso, who share Carter’s last name. After divorcing Jordan Belfort, their mother married John Macaluso, Carter’s biological father.

Carter Belfort
Carter Belfort with his family Image: Instagram

For the first time in 2015, Carter came to the public’s notice when he declared a desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and fulfill his career objectives. Following in his father’s footsteps, he decided to become a stockbroker.

It wasn’t long before he began working with his father at Global Motivation, Inc. Later, after a few months, he got a promotion to a strategic marketing expert position. Succeeding in the company’s brand promotion department, he became vice president of brand promotion.

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Jordan Belfort Father
Nadine Caridi Mother
Chandler Belfort Sister