Central cee(Oakley Neil H T Caesar-Su) is a British rapper. He is famous for his rap songs which have millions of views on YouTube. Cee is renowned for his songs like Obsessed with you, Loading, Day in the life, and more. A rapper got more fame after his recent song ‘Doja,’ which has almost 49 million views on YouTube just after releasing in one month.

Can we know enough bout Central cee? So here we provide you with the details of his net worth, relationship, family, and more.

How much Net worth does Central cee have?

Cee was an underrated artist until his song Loading hit Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. When it comes to his music life, he is a hardworking person. Central holds a net worth of around $4 million, similar to Chris Martinez. A rapper earns all the wages from his music career. Cee’s YouTube account has almost 1.48 million subscribers no doubt he makes enough from YouTube too.

British rapper Central cee is enjoying his rich life
Source: Instagram

However, talking about his salary, a rapper earns an average of $20k per month, but this is just a report. Central might income more than we expected. He also has Lamborghini, which is worth around $4 million. No doubt Cee has more net worth amount than we know. A rapper is still active in his profession, so maybe in the future, we might see his net worth grow.

Further, Central cee’s high-income source is Music Events. His world tour begins on November 1, 2022, starting in Spain and Barcelona, and ends up going to Oslo, Norway, on November 16, 2022. His ticket price is almost $150 to $400. Also, there are leaks that a rapper charged nearly $100k per event.

Is Central cee in a Relationship? Who is his Girlfriend?

If we go deep into his personal life, It seems like a rapper probably living his single life. However, there are many rumors and theories regarding his love life—the most popular rumors of Cee and Instagram model Liyah Mai.

Central cee and Madeline Argy
Source: The Tab

Where a rapper sing for her in the song name Loading. The rumors got more hyped when Liyah came live on Instagram of her sitting in the car while Cee was driving.

Also, there is a second rumored reading, Cee and Madeline Argy, a TikToker influencer based in London. The discussion went viral when she followed him on Instagram, and even she posted a picture wearing a hoodie of Cee’s merch. However, the duo never talked about that rumors.

Where Cee uploaded a new song, Obsessed with you, where the duet with the Belgian Model Kenza Boutrif was, where his fans are curious about whether they are dating or not, it isn’t necessary to be in a relationship with someone you played in a reel. It seems like the rapper is more focused on his career than being in a serious relationship.

What happened between Malu Trevejo and Central Cee?

Malu is a Cuban Singer. There is a rumor between her and Central Cee about dating. A singer posted a picture of him hugging each other, and their fans were curious whether they were dating. However, after a few hours, Malu deleted a photo of her and Central Cee.

Central Cee and model Malu Trevejo
Source: Captial Xtra

And she posted Instagram stories saying, ‘Can’t no rapper, singer, actor say they hit #Freeclout your welcome, I told you I’ll get u to a million.’ which seems like Malu posted a picture with a rapper to get one million followers on her Instagram account. After that, so many controversies came up for her. However, after the rumors, they didn’t show up together.

More About British Rapper

A famous British rapper was born in London, England, on June 4, 1998. He was a talented and passionate person since the rapper was a kid. Cee started his career in 2015 when he put his name Oakley Neil to central cee. A rapper started doing freestyle in 2015 when he first came on the ‘Ain’t On Nuttin Remix.’ Also, read about Lil Uzi Vert‘s net worth, relationship family, and more.

After that, he released the next remix song in 2016, Spirt Bomb. Further, he didn’t work much, but his dedication took him to the top. In 2019, he finally started recognizing the song; Back to Back. Even top rappers began to text him for collaboration. Cee’s other reason was Covid of 2020 when most people were at home, and they started watching his talent on YouTube.

Central cee’s family

Caesar-Su was well-raised when he was a kid. Also, it seems like he doesn’t want to share much about his family background in the media. Talking about his parents, they are intercaste where his mother is Irish, and his father is Guyanese. Unfortunately, a rapper hasn’t shared his parents’ names.

Central cee when he was young
Source: Last.fm

A young rapper was so interested in rap since he was a kid. He took advantage of his father when cee’s father used to listen to a pop song with him. Cee wasn’t that rich before they even worked in a shoe store for three weeks for wages. However, he started recording songs age of 14.

Central cee’s Body Measurements

As we know, Central cee is a young man. He looks attractive and quite popular in girls’ circles. Besides his music career, Cee is famous for his looks and fashion. A renowned rapper’s height is around 5 feet 10 inches(155.448) cm. Also, his height is about 67 kg(147.71) lbs. Cee’s hair is curly and black.

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