Charlie Storwick also known as Faangs, the cool Canadian actress and singer, first rocked our world by winning “The Next Star” in 2010. Remember Piper Gray from “Some Assembly Required”? Yep, that’s her! Not just an actress—she’s a music whiz too, dropping awesome singles and EPs.

From winning a TV contest to owning the stage, she’s all about passion and talent. With her mega charm and crazy skills, Charlie’s inspiring tons of budding stars worldwide. She’s the ultimate entertainer leaving her mark in showbiz.

Charlie Storwick: Age, Parents, Wiki, Early Life

Melissa Faith Storwick, known professionally as Faangs (formerly Charlie), was born on November 13, 1998, in Calgary, Alberta. Her love for diverse music genres sparked early, inspired by various musical styles.

Growing up in Calgary, she found joy in performing for anyone, even entertaining strangers at the grocery store with her mom. To keep busy outside school, she picked up the trumpet and violin, but her heart found solace in the piano, teaching herself by ear.

Childhood picture of Charlie Storwick.
Childhood picture of Charlie Storwick. Source: Instagram/@faangsmusic

Singing alongside her piano playing became a cherished pastime, supported by her parents as leisure. Her passion for entertainment led her to musical theatre, where she thrived in combining singing, acting, and dancing.

Influenced by musical legends like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Freddie Mercury, Storwick pursued her artistic dreams. Raised in Calgary alongside siblings Annie, Amanda, and Jack, she attended the Calgary Waldorf School.

Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

So, like, about Charlie Storwick’s love life? Well, our notes say she’s not dating anyone right now. She’s all about climbing that career ladder and stuff, you know? Meanwhile, another singer-songwriter Julia Michaels happily dating.

And, like, being young and awesome, having a boyfriend isn’t her top worry. As time flies, who knows? Maybe she’ll find someone special. But for now, it’s all about her rising star!

Charlie Storwick on “The Next Star”

In 2011, Charlie Storwick auditioned for “The Next Star,” aiming to elevate her music career. Among thousands of hopefuls, she advanced to the Top 16 and eventually landed in the Top 6 alongside other contestants.

Her performances throughout the season, including original songs like “Good as Gone,” showcased her talent and culminated in her victory in Season 4.

Charlie Storwick is a Canadian singer-songwriter.
Charlie Storwick is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Source: Instagram/@faangsmusic

Early Solo Music Career

Following her win, Storwick released singles like “Glitter in the Sky” and “Paper Heart.” She made appearances on YTV and MuchMusic, promoting her music and discussing her aspirations to pursue acting.

Similarly, also know the career details of another Canadian singer Alannah Myles.

Some Assembly Required and Transition to Faangs

Transitioning to acting, Charlie starred as Piper Gray in the YTV series “Some Assembly Required” from 2014 to 2016.

After the show, she refocused on music, starting to release her material independently. This led to collaborations and writing workshops, ultimately leading her to sign with Sony in Germany under the name Faangs.

Faangs Era and Recent Work

Under the moniker Faangs, she released her debut single “Huh” in 2020, followed by several other singles. Her debut album, “Teeth Out,” dropped in November 2021, marking a significant milestone in her evolving musical journey.


Storwick’s on-screen appearances include “The Next Star” (2011), where she emerged as the winner, and her role as Piper Gray in “Some Assembly Required” (2014-2016).

Discography Highlights

Under her original name and the Farangs persona, she’s released singles like “Good as Gone,” “Glitter in the Sky,” “Ghosts,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” and more. Her debut album, “Teeth Out,” marked a pivotal moment in her musical career.

Songwriting Credits

Beyond her releases, Storwick has songwriting credits on tracks by artists like Mother Mother, Lewis Blissett, Delhi 2 Dublin, Ashnikko, Rico Nasty, and others, showcasing her diverse skill set and versatility.

Music Videos

Storwick has an extensive collection of music videos, showcasing her evolution from her early days as Charlie to her current Faangs persona, featuring tracks like “Good as Gone,” “Glitter in the Sky,” “Ghosts,” “Huh,” and many more.

This comprehensive overview details her journey from reality TV success to a multifaceted career in music, acting, and songwriting.

What is Her Net Worth?

Charlie Storwick is killing it in the money game with an estimated net worth of $1 million! She’s all about music, acting, and writing songs, making bank from her gigs in the music scene and her role as Piper Gray in “Some Assembly Required.”

Charlie Storwick in the early days of her career.
Charlie Storwick in the early days of her career. Source: Pinterest

Her cool tunes and debut album “Teeth Out” as Faangs have helped her stack up that cash. With more music stuff and maybe even acting gigs on the horizon, her net worth’s gonna keep on growing ’cause she’s just getting started in the fame game!

Is She on Instagram?

Charlie Storwick, rocking the Instagram world as @faangsmusic with that verified tick, has got a solid following of over 27.3K fans cheering her on.

Her Instagram game is on fire, sharing her music journey, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and just being all-around awesome!

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