You know Harry Belafonte, right? The guy with the songs that make you tap your feet and smile? Well, behind his success was Marguerite Belafonte, his amazing wife. She wasn’t in the spotlight, but she was the secret ingredient to his musical greatness.

Marguerite was like the superhero behind the scenes, taking care of their family while Harry was out making the world sing and dance. She might not have been on stage, but her love and support created the background music to Harry’s life.

This story is about Marguerite, the unsung hero whose love and strength made Harry’s tunes so much more than just music—they were a symphony of their life together.

Marguerite Belafonte Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Marguerite Belafonte—born Marguerite Byrd on October 12, 1923, in Washington, D.C. She came from a tight-knit family with parents Robert Byrd and Martena Blue, and siblings Charles R. Byrd and Beatrice B. Gilkes.

Proud of her American roots, Marguerite had a mix of Scottish and Jamaican heritage. She kicked off her schooling at Dunbar High School, graduating in 1941. Later, she headed to the Hampton Institute in D.C., diving into Early Childhood Education.

Marguerite didn’t stop there—she aimed high, earning a Master’s in Human Relations and Clinical Psychology from New York University. Her journey from a regular high school kid to a Master’s grad is amazing!

Harry Belafonte and Hid First Wife Marriage Details

Picture this: June 18, 1948—Marguerite, a nursery worker, and Harry, an aspiring actor, heading to City Hall for a surprise wedding. But it wasn’t all cheers. Marguerite had sprung the news on her folks the night before, shocking them. They didn’t show up, but her aunt and work buddies stood by as witnesses.

Harry Belafonte and his first wife Marguerite Belafonte.
Harry Belafonte and his first wife Marguerite Belafonte. Source: Pinterest

Their honeymoon at Beaver Lodge in Pennsylvania, where Harry used to work, sounded sweet, right? But reality hit hard after the honeymoon glow faded. Marguerite hustled in Manhattan for less than $80 a week while aiming for a Ph.D. in psychology. Meanwhile, Harry chased his acting dreams, struggling to make ends meet.

Their clash? Big time. Marguerite wanted stability, thinking acting wasn’t the golden ticket. She hoped Harry would pick a more secure gig. But Harry? He stuck to his starry-eyed dreams, sparking major sparks in their brand-new marriage.

Did Marguerite’s Husband Cheat on Her With Julie Robinson?

The end of Marguerite and Harry’s love story was like a movie plot gone wrong. After nine years of marriage, things fell apart, and the culprit seemed to be the spark between Harry and dancer Julie Robinson, whom he met during the making of “Carmen Jones” in 1954.

Their troubles began earlier when Harry got close to actress Julie in the early ’50s. Things hit rock bottom for Marguerite when, in 1954, she found letters Julie wrote to Harry. That was the breaking point, leading to their separation. Harry claimed no affair happened until after they split, but Marguerite didn’t buy it.

Harry Belafonte with his second wife Julie Robinson.
Harry Belafonte with his second wife Julie Robinson. Source: Pinterest

By January 1957, news of their divorce plans leaked to the media, but Marguerite held onto hope for a miracle. However, after spending time in Las Vegas with Harry and their daughters, she took the step and filed for divorce on February 28, 1957. The next day, March 1, their divorce made headlines.

Harry wasted no time and tied the knot with Julie Robinson later that year, leaving Marguerite to grapple with heartache. In response to one of Harry’s essays titled “The Tragedy of Divorce,” Marguerite penned an essay of her own, published in Ebony magazine in 1958.

Sadly, Marguerite’s story ended on February 15, 1998, in Washington D.C., due to heart disease, closing the chapter on a love story that turned into a tale of heartbreak and resilience.

How Many Children Do Harry Shares With Marguerite?

Just two months after tying the knot, Marguerite and Harry had exciting news—Marguerite was expecting! Their joy doubled on May 27, 1949, when their first daughter, Adrienne Michelle Belafonte, made her grand entrance into the world.

Marguerite Belafonte with her two daughters.
Marguerite Belafonte with her two daughters. Source: Pinterest

Their family grew again on September 22, 1954, when Marguerite welcomed their second daughter, Shari. Two little stars lighting up their lives during all their ups and downs.

Is She Still Alive?

Marguerite Belafonte, Harry Belafonte’s first wife, isn’t with us anymore. She passed away on February 15, 1998, in Washington D.C. She was 74 years old at the time.

Career: Has Marguerite Belafonte Played in Movies?

Marguerite Belafonte was known for her flair in modeling and beauty pageants. She made her mark at the NAACP Fashions for Freedom event in 1958, strutting her stuff and showcasing her style.

Alongside her modeling pursuits, she dipped her toes into the world of acting, scoring a role in the 1959 movie “Night of the Quarter Moon.” However, beyond these glimpses into her professional life, the details get a bit hazy.

It’s unclear if Marguerite explored other career paths or dedicated herself solely to these artistic endeavors. Her life’s narrative beyond the runway and the screen remains veiled in mystery, leaving us with mere fragments of her professional journey.

Net Worth

Marguerite Belafonte’s financial details and net worth weren’t widely publicized during her lifetime. Her involvement in modeling, and acting in a few films and series, might have contributed to her earnings, though specifics about her income remain undisclosed.

Similarly, know the net worth of other celebrity ex-partners like Ria Sommerfeld and Loralee Czuchna.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Harry Belafonte, was a renowned figure in the entertainment industry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harry Belafonte’s net worth was $30 million at the time of his death.

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