Hey, everyone! Ever heard of Ria Sommerfeld? She’s not your usual high-profile celebrity, but she’s had her taste of the glamorous life. She’s a German model and hairstylist who used to be in the spotlight for being married to a famous musician.

Ria is the former wife of Tokio Hotel’s guitar hero, Tom Kaulitz! Their love story put her in the spotlight, but there’s way more to her than being part of a famous duo. But here’s the twist: she’s not just a VIP’s ex—there’s more to her story!

Once the talk of the town, Ria decided to step out of the glitzy world and take a breather. She’s not on Instagram anymore, and that’s got people curious. Join me in uncovering the real Ria—her style, her journey, and what she’s up to now that she’s dodged the flashbulbs. Let’s dive in and discover the intriguing world of Ria Sommerfeld!

Ria Sommerfeld WiKI/Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

The celebrity ex-wife Ria Sommerfield was born on October 9, 1982, in Hamburg, Germany. Her ethnicity is Asian but she was born and raised in Germany. Moreover, she’s like a total queen – not just any queen, but a beauty queen!

Ria rocked the pageant world back in 2004. Get this, she was crowned “Miss Vietnam Germany” and then went on to compete for “Miss Philippines Germany” in the same year and aced it!

That’s some serious double-crown action right there. This girl is not just about one title – she’s got a whole royal collection!

However, besides these nothing much is public about her family, parents, siblings, education, and childhood.

Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld’s Wedding and Divorce

The love story between Ria Sommerfeld, the super cool model, and Tom Kaulitz, the awesome guitarist from Tokio Hotel was quite lovable. Their tale began when they crossed paths in a club in Hamburg, Ria’s hometown, around 2009. Sparks flew, and they hit it off right away!

After six years of being crazy in love, they decided to take the plunge and tied the knot in 2015. It seemed like a fairy tale come true!

Ria Sommerfeld with her former partner Tom Kaulitz.
Ria Sommerfeld with her former partner Tom Kaulitz. Source: Instagram

But hold up! The story takes a twist. Despite all the love vibes, their marriage hit some rocky roads. In 2016, Tom was like, “Sorry, it’s over,” and filed for divorce, citing these ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Within a year, their once epic love story officially ended.

And get this—Tom wasn’t up for giving Ria any spousal support. Talk about drama right? The love that once bloomed so brightly dimmed out, leaving them to go their separate ways. Love’s a rollercoaster, and sometimes even the best stories take unexpected turns.

She Was In a Breif Relationship With Mars Daniel

So, after Ria split from Tom Kaulitz, she got together with Mars Daniel, a musician from Los Angeles in 2018. But, like, it was all hush-hush, you know? They didn’t make a big deal about their thing.

Seems like things didn’t stick between them ’cause they broke up, but the details on exactly when it happened? Total mystery! Relationships can be like that, right? Sometimes the deets stay under wraps.

Did She Remarry? Who Is Her Current Partner?

In recent news, Ria Sommerfeld, previously known for her past relationship with Tom Kaulitz, has shared exciting news about her romantic life. She’s set to embark on a new journey by getting engaged to D. Michael McCarroll, a prominent figure within The Plexus Groupe.

Michael holds significant positions at the company, serving as the senior vice president, head of sports and entertainment, LA market leader, and head of cannabis.

Ria made the heartfelt announcement on her Instagram in June 2022, unveiling her engagement with a charming photo displaying a sparkling ring on her finger. Accompanying the image was a single-word caption that spoke volumes— “yes.”

It appears Ria is embracing a fresh chapter in her personal life alongside Michael, a multifaceted professional within various domains. Here’s to wishing Ria and Michael a future filled with joy and success in their new journey together.

Tom Kaulitz Also Remarry With Heidi Klum

Following his separation from Ria Sommerfeld, it seems that Tom Kaulitz swiftly embarked on a relationship with and subsequently married Heidi Klum. Their romantic involvement commenced around 2018, a relatively short period after Tom’s divorce from Ria Sommerfeld.

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum have been together since 2018.
Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum have been together since 2018. Source: Pinterest

In 2019, Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum discreetly tied the knot. Heidi Klum has openly expressed her profound contentment in her relationship with Tom Kaulitz, often appearing together publicly and displaying their affection.

This quick transition from one relationship to marriage appears to have brought immense joy and fulfillment to both Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum, as evidenced by their shared appearances and declarations of happiness.

Does She Have Any Children?

There hasn’t been any confirmed news about Ria Sommerfeld having children. Despite her past relationships, including her significant one with Tom Kaulitz, there hasn’t been any info or announcements about her becoming a mom.

With her upcoming marriage, there might be some guesses floating around about her thoughts on starting a family. However, it’s all speculative since Ria herself hasn’t talked about any plans for kids.

Decisions about family and parenting are usually pretty private and not always shared publicly. As of the latest info available, Ria Sommerfeld’s intentions or desires regarding becoming a parent hadn’t been officially addressed.

Career: What Does She Do?

Ria Sommerfeld took a new path post-divorce, delving into entrepreneurship by establishing her own cosmetics venture. Initially known as “Bunny Beauty Box,” later rebranded as “Kyut Box,” her company specialized in cruelty-free beauty subscription services—a testament to her staunch advocacy against animal cruelty, a cause evident through her Instagram content.

Ria Sommerfeld is an entrepreneur and former model.
Ria Sommerfeld is an entrepreneur and former model. Source: Instagram

Residing in Los Angeles, Ria affectionately refers to herself as the “mother of paws,” showcasing her beloved dogs as cherished family members on her profile.

Her Instagram feed offers a glimpse into a vibrant lifestyle marked by extensive travel and beachside moments. Despite limited information about her business endeavors, Ria’s dedication to animal welfare and her exuberant, adventure-driven lifestyle radiate through her online presence, reflecting her passion for both ethical values and exploration.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Ria Sommerfeld’s net worth sits around $1 million, putting her in the same league as Audrey Murdick. Apart from modeling, Ria’s also got some entrepreneurial vibes going on. Her wealth could be coming from her business ventures, but you know how tricky these numbers can be.

Oh, and get this—she’s supposedly tying the knot with a big-shot businessman worth a few miles. That might just add some extra digits to her fortune! But hey, these figures can be fuzzy, so take it with a pinch of salt!

Meanwhile, her ex-husband is a millionaire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Kaulitz has a net worth of $25 million.

Where Is Ria Sommerfeld Now?

Today, Ria’s hanging out in LA these days, according to her socials. And guess what? She’s all set to tie the knot with her guy, Michael McCarroll. So, it looks like wedding bells are on the horizon for her!

Ria Sommerfeld enjoys a luxurious life as of now.
Ria Sommerfeld enjoys a luxurious life as of now. Source: Instagram

As for her career, it seems like she’s taking a break from modeling gigs. Instead, she’s living it up with her soon-to-be hubby, traveling to cool places, and having fancy meals. Looks like she’s all about that luxe life and enjoying sweet moments with her partner right now!

Is She on Instagram?

Ria’s on Instagram as @riamanila and used to have 5k followers, but here’s the deal—her account’s set to private and she removed all of her followings and posts too. Before locking it down, though, she used to be pretty active, sharing bits of her daily life and stuff.

As for Twitter, nada. No sign of Ria there. Seems like she’s more of an Insta person, but now she’s keeping things hush-hush with that private account. Before that change, she’d give updates and share her life, but now it’s all behind closed doors.

Height & Weight

Ria Sommerfeld stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, flaunting an elegant figure weighing around 56 kg. With her striking dark hair and captivating dark brown eyes, she embodies beauty in its finest form.

Ria’s modeling prowess has earned her recognition, particularly in the realm of Asian Beauty, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the industry.

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