Cherelle Griner is a popular American Math teacher, social media influencer, and celebrity wife. Cherelle is the wife of famous basketball player Brittney Griner.

On October 18, 1990, Brittney Griner was born in Houston, Texas. Brittney is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Cherelle Griner Is The Wife Of Brittney Griner

Cherelle Griner and Brittney Griner tied a knot on June 28, 2019. While attending Baylor University in Texas, they met and shared a close friendship. Before that, the pair officiated their relationship with engagement rings in Aug 2018.

The husband and wife met when they attended Baylor University as undergraduates. Further, the couple didn’t date until years after Brittney split from her ex-wife Glory Johnson in 2016.

However, Brittney proposed to Cherelle in 2018.

Griner and Brittney were cooking and also having fun with eachother.
Griner’s couple were enjoying.
Source:- Instagram

Cherelle later changed her last name from “Watson” to “Griner” and lives with her love, Brittney, together in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Cherelle Griner is a proud mother of their three dogs.

Past relationship of Cherelle’s life Partner, Brittney Griner

Before wed Cherelle Watson, Griner was a knot to fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson.

Their relationship was puss into the spotlight when the days leading up to their 2015 wedding. The women boasted of domestic violence after a fight at their Arizona home turned physical. Griner admitted she made a mistake, and their marriage went as planned.

Brittney Griner married Glory Johnson, Where Jhonson wore a beautiful white dress and Griner wore a formal suit.
Brittney Griner married Glory Johnson
Source:- Daily Mail

On June 4, 2015, Johnson was pregnant. Griner filed for an annulment the next day. Their marriage ended in 2016. After finalizing her divorce from Glory Johnson, the international basketball player asked Cherelle Watson around in the summer of 2017.

How much does Chellere earn? What is her main source of income of her?

Cherelle’s partner, Brittney’s net worth is $5 million. Brittney’s riches came from her professional basketball career in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Additionally, she also has a regular income through sponsorships and brand collaborations.

Chellere does not have to depend upon her husband’s money as a celebrity wife. Instead, she earns a good portion that can easily sustain her life pretty well. 

Chellere is posing for shoot, Where she is standing infront of Watson and Griner house.
Chellere is posing for the photoshoot.
Source:- Instagram

Brittney’s wife has an estimated income of $48,715 per month as a content writer and blogger and $70,069 per year as a Math Teacher.

Cherelle Griner is a content writer and blogger with 53.5k followers on her Instagram Page. Through that, the famous content writer earned through the social network.

More about Chellere Griner and her husband

Chellere Griner was born on July 1, 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. Watson grew up with safe and loving parents and family.

According to her bio, Griner recently graduated from law school, which she is pursuing from the University of North Carolina School of Law. Brittney’s wife currently promotes the brand called “Glo Juice Bar.”

Chellere and Brittney were enjoying their privacy. Where Chellere wore a white crop on top and blue jeans where as she sit on the lap of Brittney.
Chellere and Brittney were enjoying their life
Source:- Instagram

As per our sources, Watson is a professional teacher who began working as a teacher at the Uplift Education Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

She completed graduation with a Bachelor of Applied Science from Baylor University in 2014. Chellere started studying Law in August 2019 due to her great interest in law since childhood.

Was Brittney Griner Watson’s wife arrested in Russia?

Brittney Griner’s wife has taken to social media to share her pain following the WNBA star’s arrest in Russia.

Griner was detained last month while flying in to play for her Russian basketball team during the WNBA offseason. But there has been no confirmed date of when she was arrested or how long she’s been held.

According to Russian authorities, she was allegedly found with hash oil, but the charges are still unproven.

Cherelle Griner wrote on Instagram: 'My heart, our hearts, are all skipping beats everyday that goes by without hearing from you. I miss your voice. I miss your presence. You're our person!'
Watson’s and Brittney’s reunion
Source:- Instagram

On Sunday, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, said that he could not discuss the specifics of the case of Griner, 31, who plays for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury and a Russian team in Yekaterinburg.

Blinken said: ‘Whenever an American is detained anywhere in the world, we, of course, stand ready to provide every possible assistance, including in Russia’ – but the invasion has complicated her case. 

Security footage shows that a drug-sniffing dog was allegedly drawn to Griner’s bags at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, prompting Russian customs officials to inspect the load.

Officials allegedly found vape cartridges, and she was charged with smuggling a ‘significant amount’ of drugs. Griner faces up to 10 years in a Russian prison. It is not known publicly on social media where she’s currently being held.  

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