Chris Perez, the public recognized him as the front guitar player for the Tejano band, and Selena Y Los Dinos is an American guitarist, musician, and novelist.

On April 2, 1992, he married Selena, the group’s frontwoman. Gilbert Pérez and Carmen Medina raised Pérez as one of their two children in San Antonio, Texas.

Perez was born Christopher Gilbert Pérez on August 14, 1969, in Texas, United States. He got welcomed to a computer programmer father, Gilbert Pérez, and an average woman, Carmen Medina.

When Perez was four years old, his parents split. In 1978, his mother remarried.

The Lead Guitarist of Tejano Band Career & Net Worth

With his mother’s help, Gilbert’s kid learned to play the French horn in middle school and joined his school’s concert band.

Despite his mother’s reluctance owing to the wrong link with the rock and roll culture, he decided to train himself to play electric guitar.

When Carmen’s son reached seventeen, he wanted to go away and form a rock band. He shared an apartment with his father and worked at a library at the time.

Perez was invited to join Shelly’s cousin’s band, which played a combination of traditional folk music.

But, despite his disdain for it, he joined Shelly’s band since the pay was better than working at the library.

After Tony departed Selena y Los Dinos, the lead guitarist became Shelly’s bandleader and co-wrote music for her solo soundtrack.

His guitar performance was well accepted by both the band and its fans. He also established a rock band with two friends around the same time and planned to leave Shelly’s band.

A. B. Quintanilla III of the ‘Selena y Los Dinos‘ band approached Chris next, asking him to join them. He joined the band in 1989 because ‘Los Dinos’ had more’sophisticated and trendy’ sounds. The band recorded several well-received albums and has made a net worth of $3 million.

The Former BandLeader of Shelly’s Band Relationship

Selena was the girlfriend of Chris, who got into a relationship in 1992. Abraham Quintanilla was his father-in-law, the father of Selena, who forced them to break up because he believed Pérez’s image would harm Selena’s career.

They continued their friendship despite his threats to dissolve the group. Pérez was sacked from the band by Quintanilla Jr, who also forbade Selena from accompanying him.

But their relationship was still going on through problems.

Perez was arrested for driving while intoxicated but was not charged. He was engaged in a destroyed hotel room incident months after his initial incarceration.

Selena y Los Dinos members began fighting in a room, destroying doors and punching holes in the walls.

Selena was shot and killed by her former friend and boutique manager in 1995. That was the day the relationship between Perez and Selena ended.

More about their relationship

Around 1996-1997, Venessa Villanueva and Chris Perez met through a familiar friend, John Garza. Chris was depressed and dealing with other personal issues at the time, and she supported and assisted him in overcoming his difficulties, allowing the two to begin dating.

Following their first encounter, they began to see each other more regularly and eventually fell in love.

He was able to pull himself out of his tragic circumstances when Vanessa joined his life. They had been dating for some years before marrying in 2001.

Chris used to be depressed about everything, and the stress in their relationship became too much for them to handle, and they divorced in 2008.

The second marriage, bound to fail since he refused to address the root of his sadness after Selena’s death.

Perez had Children with Venesssa

Vanessa and Chris have two children. Despite their divorce, they continue to spend time with their children. Cassie Gabrielle Perez, a medical aesthetician, and Noah Perez, a medical aesthetician, are their two children.

Noah was born with a condition, Down syndrome. Villanueva was aware of Noah’s disability throughout her pregnancy, and physicians had even advised her to have a late abortion.

However, she declined the offer and gave birth to her son.

She accepts and welcomes reality at all times. Venessa is a lovely mother who genuinely cares about both of her children.

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Carmen Medina Mother
Gilbert Pérez Father
Cassie Pérez Daughter
Noah Pérez Son