Chrysti Eigenberg, married to famous actor David Eigenberg known for “Sex and the City” and “Chicago Fire,” leads a quieter life away from the big screen. While she isn’t as well-known, her support for her husband shines through. Her presence beside David hints at a person with a lot of depth and kindness, even though she’s not in the spotlight.

Chrysti’s life might not be as glamorous as her husband’s, but her charm and grace still catch the eye. She may not be the star, but her role in David’s life makes her intriguing to those curious about the person by his side.

Behind the scenes, Chrysti Eigenberg remains a captivating figure worth knowing about.

Chrysti Eigenberg Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Chrysti Eigenberg, born around 1965 in the US, hasn’t spilled much about her folks or family roots. She’s in her mid-50s, but her parents’ names or their European backgrounds stay under wraps.

Growing up in the States, she’s kept her family life pretty hush-hush, not letting out many details.

It seems like Chrysti respects her family’s privacy and prefers to keep things low-key. This mystery adds a curious vibe to her story, leaving us guessing about her upbringing and where she comes from.

Marriage Details of David Eigenberg and His Wife

Chrysti Eigenberg and her husband David Eigenberg have woven a beautiful tale of love spanning two decades in their married life. Their journey began when Chrysti, then serving in the military in Virginia, crossed paths with David shortly after the 9/11 attacks when he visited the military base.

 When David Eigenberg first met his wife, Chrysti Eigenberg, she was in the military.
When David Eigenberg first met his wife, Chrysti Eigenberg, she was in the military. Source: Instagram/@davideigenberg

Their initial meetings paved the way for a blossoming romance. In just three months of dating, David made a swift proposal, sealing their love story. Following the heartfelt proposal, Chrysti and David swiftly tied the knot on March 1, 2003, exchanging vows at the Russian Samovar in Manhattan.

Their wedding marked the start of a lifelong journey together, celebrating love and commitment amidst the bustling cityscape.

Are They Still Together?

As of now, Chrysti Eigenberg and David Eigenberg remain together, having weathered over 20 years of marriage, despite facing their share of challenges. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, David candidly expressed that their bond shifted in the second year compared to their initial spark.

 Chrysti Eigenberg and David Eigenberg have been together for over two decades.
Chrysti Eigenberg and David Eigenberg have been together for over two decades. Source: Instagram/@davideigenberg

The actor shared insightful thoughts, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness, communication, and understanding in their relationship. He reflected on the beauty of weathering storms together, finding goodness in the ability to forgive and comprehend each other.

Presently, the lovebirds, Chrysti and David, continue to embrace their married life, prioritizing their moments together. There’s no news of divorce or any extramarital affairs.

Chrysti Eigenberg Is a Proud Mother of Two Kids

Chrysti and David, the loving duo, are also proud parents to two wonderful kids. Louie Steven Eigenberg, their eldest, came into the world in January 2009. Five years later, on January 31, 2014, Myrna Belle Eigenberg completed their happy family.

David Eigenberg with his two kids.
David Eigenberg with his two kids. Source: Instagram/@davideigenberg

As of now, it’s unclear whether their children will follow in their father’s footsteps or choose a different path. Currently relishing their childhood, the kids have time to explore their interests.

People eagerly await to see which road they’ll venture down in the future, curious about the career paths they might pursue. For now, they’re simply enjoying the joys of growing up, surrounded by the love of their parents.

She Was In the Military

Chrysti Eigenberg committed several years of her life to the US Army, joining the force at the age of 20 with a passionate drive to serve her country. Throughout her decade-long military tenure, she actively participated in missions across various global locations.

Although Chrysti remains reserved about her military journey, she was a highly skilled painter whose talent didn’t go unnoticed by her superiors. Her artistic abilities earned recognition during her time in the military, showcasing her prowess beyond her service duties.

Despite her privacy regarding this chapter of her life, her dedication and talent left a mark on those she served alongside.

Career: Movies and TV Shows of David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg, the awesome actor, has been rocking the showbiz scene for more than 20 years since he started back in 1989. His big break came with the TV show “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.,” where he played Nick Delvecchio in 16 episodes, kicking off his rise to fame.

David Eigenberg on the set of "Chicago Fire."
David Eigenberg on the set of “Chicago Fire.” Source: Instagram/@davideigenberg

You might know him best from “Sex and the City,” “A Perfect Murder,” and his role as Christopher Herrmann in the super popular “Chicago Fire.” But wait, there’s more! He’s been keeping us glued to the screen with his recent gigs in “Chicago Med,” “Chicago Fire” (still going strong!), and “Unknowing.”

David’s the kind of actor who keeps on giving his best, making every show or movie he’s in totally awesome. With his talent and charm, he’s a big favorite in the entertainment world, leaving fans eagerly waiting for his next awesome role.

Net Worth and Salary of Chrysti

As of now, Chrysti Eigenberg’s net worth remains undisclosed, with no online sources providing specific details about her earnings. However, her husband, David Eigenberg, has a net worth of $6 million.

David’s wealth predominantly stems from his successful acting career, notably his long-standing role in the television series “Chicago Fire.” As a recurring character in the show, akin to Taylor Kinney who earns around $24k per episode, David likely earns a similar sum for his appearances.

His involvement in “Chicago Med” also contributes to his earnings, although information regarding other sources of income or his real estate properties remains elusive at present.

Social Media Presence

Chrysti Eigenberg maintains a low profile on social media platforms just like Jose Stemkens and Andrew Shingange. Although she possesses an Instagram account under the username @snugasbugga, it’s set to private, limiting public access to her profile.

In contrast, her husband, David Eigenberg, engages more actively on social media, particularly on Instagram. Under the username @davideigenberg, David shares updates with his 239k followers, offering glimpses into his professional endeavors and personal life.

Height and Weight

Chrysti Eigenberg is a striking lady with attractive physical features. She boasts a slender build and stands tall at a noteworthy height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Her blonde hair complements her captivating blue eyes, creating a stunning combination. Chrysti’s charming smile, along with her other appealing physical traits, contributes to her overall beauty, earning admiration from fans for her striking appearance.

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