Kenneth “Ken” Charles Morrison, also known as Cinnamon ToastKen, is a YouTuber. Cinnamon ToastKen’s real name is Kenneth Morrison. In addition, he is a gamer and does visual novels on games.

For instance, Resident Evil, GTA 5, Rusty Lake Roots, Detention, and others. In addition, the Youtuber is originally from Mississippi. As of now, Cinnamon ToastKen has over 4.69 million subscribers.

Who Is Cinnamon ToastKen’s Wife?

In 2013, the YouTuber started dating his fellow YouTuber, Mary Gordon Thomson aka SuperMaryFace. Since October 1, 2013, he has been wed to Mary, a fellow YouTuber. They run the Ken and Mary YouTube channel together.

After some years, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child through their channel. The duo welcomed their lovely daughter, Layla, in 2017. Additionally, the couple sooner had welcomed a son named Rafael in 2018.

Similarly, in 2021 the family of four became five after Mary gave birth to her third child a son David.

CinnamonToastKen with his girlfriend, SuperMaryFace
Cinnamon ToastKen with his wife, SuperMaryFace
Source- Twitter@Cinnamon

The couple has been living a happy life with their newly born children. Despite having tough times, they are taking their relationship to the next level. We will update you with some more information about Kenneth’s life and personal information.

Net Worth Of Cinnamon ToastKen

Cinnamon ToastKen has a net worth of around $4 million, similar to Corey Bohan. In fact, both of them make a hefty amount of money from their profession. 

Not only that, Cinnamon ToastKen has collaborated with some famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie as well. Except for YouTube, the gamer has also been streaming on Twitch most often. Further, he is known for his comedic commentary and signature cut-out face of himself in the corner of his videos. He has also posted many reaction videos to internet and television content. 

In addition, Ken has more than 170k followers on Twitch, and this is all possible because of his dedication and creativity. Additionally, Cinnamon ToastKen has amassed good fortune through ad revenue, donations, and the viewers who pay to the subscribers.

CinnamonToastKen Playing Avengers
Cinnamon ToastKen Playing Avengers
Source: Instagram (@cinnamontoastken)

As of today, Cinnamon Toastken’s YouTube channel has over 4.69 million subscribers. From this, we know that the gamer has been earning thousands just through ad revenues and brand deals with famous companies.

We know that his video has a minimum of 250,000 views per day from different online sources. When we calculate this, he is earning a minimum revenue of around $2,000 per day, that is to say, he is earning $730,000 annually from different advertisements and sponsorship.

Moreover, Cinnamon ToastKen makes extra income from his social media platforms just through sponsorship. He has also worked closely with bigger companies like- Marvel, Fizz Pow Games, and others.

More Information About Cinnamon ToastKen

Cinnamon ToastKen was born on September 21, 1985. Further, he also has a brother named Kevin. He is currently residing with Mary Thomson, their children, and their pets. Ken used to live in Mississippi, but after the migration, he is currently living in California with his wife, Mary.

In addition, he also has two dogs. When talking about Ken’s career, he began uploading video games and started commentaries in 2011. In addition, he started this with the game Amnesia the Dark Descent.

Kenneth Morrison was born on September 21, 1985, in Mississippi, USA. There isn’t much information available regarding his personal life, apart from the fact that he has a brother (also a YouTuber) named Kevin.

He is currently residing with Mary Thomson, their children, and their pets. His uber-cool persona is something that rubs on you the minute you step into his channels. No doubt, Cinnamon ToastKen is here to reach all peaks of popularity!

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Cinnamon ToastKen plays games such as Saints Row: The Third, Survivors, and Worms Revolution. Further, the gamer has collaborated on co-ops with other YouTube stars like Cryaotic and PewDiePie. Both YouTubers have gained the spotlight and have a mass number of subscribers.

Social Media Presence Of Cinnamon ToastKen

Cinnamon ToastKen is active on most social media platforms. In addition, Kenneth has 729k followers on Instagram and 3.1 million followers on Twitter. Further, he has 433k followers on Facebook. Additionally, he has 3.89 million followers on his YouTube channel, which is, of course, one of his biggest achievements. Moreover, the gamer has 361k followers on Twitch.

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