Courtney Vogel is a celebrity wife who came into the limelight after marrying a prominent actor Mike Vogel. He is an American actor and model who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Apart from that, she is a former model. We have added more details about Courtney Vogel below, so make sure to read until the end.

Courtney Vogel Married Mike Vogel And Shares Two Kids With Him

Talking about Courtney’s love life, the couple met at a thrown party in the modeling industry back in 2002. They both fell in love at first sight. Although liking at first glance, Mike had only said hi to Courtney due to his nervousness.

Courtney Vogel with her husband
Courtney Vogel with her husband
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The same night, Mike called her mother and told her he had found her future wife. Later they started talking to each other and even became lovebirds. You may also like to read about other celebrities such as Sam Childers and Debra McGrath.

After years of being together, Courtney tied a knot with Mike Vogel in January 2003. The husband and wife are blessed with three children through their blissful married life. Subsequently, Courtney gave birth to her first daughter Cassy Renee in 2007 and her second daughter, Charlee B, in 2009. Similarly, the duo welcomed their first son and third child, Gabriel James, in 2013.

Moreover, the husband and wife recently celebrated their 19th anniversary. Currently, they reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

Courtney Vogel’s Net Worth

Heading to Courtney’s Net Worth, she has earned considerable assets as a model in her working time throughout her professional career. Courtney Vogel has a net worth of $500 thousand in 2022.

Courtney Vogel with her newborn baby
Courtney Vogel with her newborn baby
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In her previous days, while she was modeling, she had earnings of $22k-$201k. Furthermore, we also know that she is the wife of a wealthy person who had earned great wealth and fame from his professional career.

So, moving to Courtney’s husband’s net worth, Mike Vogel’s net worth of $1 million in 2022. Further, he began his professional career as a model, appearing in ads for Levi’s. He has earned great assets from the movies like Poseidon, Cloverfield, and Fantasy Island. Currently, Courtney is living in Nashville, Tennessee, with her spouse and children.  

Mike Vogel Career

Mike began his career in modeling. At first, he used to do modeling for the iconic Levi Strauss & Company. Subsequently, he was cast in a Television series, Grounded for Life. Later on, On 15, 2003, he debuted in a movie named Grind as the skateboarder.

Mike Vogel Netflix Series, Sex/Life
Mike Vogel Netflix Series, Sex/Life
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After that, Mike played a role in the television film, a remake of the TV film Wuthering Heights. In 2006, he starred in a disaster movie named Poseidon. Meanwhile, he appeared in a film, Caffeine, and signed a contract to appear in Open Graves.

In December 2018, Vogel played in a Netflix psychological thriller movie, Secret Obsession. After two years, he portrayed the role of Cooper in a Netflix Drama Series, Sex/Life. In the same year, he played the role of John F. Kennedy in a TV series, American Horror Story: Double Feature. . He is currently starring in the series, Under the Dome.

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Mike Vogel Husband
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