D’Andra Simmons is a famous personality. She is a prominent businesswoman, TV star, and philanthropist. In addition, she was also well-known for featuring in the TV series, The Real Housewives of Dallas. For further details about her, read up to the end.

Who Is D’Andra Simmons Husband?

Talking about Simmons’s marital life, She happily married the honorable man, Jeremy Lock. Jeremy is a former military officer and photojournalist. Further, he had owned the name of Photojournalist of the year and a bronze medal from the military for his administration in Afghanistan.

D'Andra Simmons
D’Andra Simmons and her husband Jeremy Lock
Source: Instagram

Simmon and Jeremy exchanged their vows on February 15, 2014, secretly with their family and friends. Aside from that, the couples both have kids from their previous partners. Likewise, Simmon has one adult son on another side, and Jeremy has two children named Keating Lock &Koen Lock.

However, Simmon didn’t mention her son’s name in the media. But, he is taking good care of her son and stepsons. Simmon usually posts her photos with her husband Jeremy on her Instagram. The couples are tied in a great love up to today.

D’Andra Simmons Net Worth

D’Andra was born into a wealthy family. She was raised by Glenn’s brother, Glenn Simmons, and Harold Simmons, where Harold’s net worth was estimated at around $10 Billion in 2013. Despite being rich, she didn’t want to relish her parent’s money.

D'Andra Simmons
D’Andra Simmons in her Lamborghini
Source: Instagram

So, she has started from the root and gave continuity to her parent’s legacy. Today, Simon is one of the top American businesswomen. He owns a net worth of $3 million, approximately similar to the popular actress Elizabeth McNulty. Along with her wealth, she owned a luxurious car and mansions.

Moreover, she played a role in the Reality TV series I Don’t Give a Rip Director, The Real Housewives of Dallas Self, and Warch What Happens: Live Self. She gathered a great fortune through her profession. In addition, her net worth significantly rose her fortune as of 2021.

D’Andra Simmons Mother, Dee Simmons

Dee Simmons gave birth to D’Andra Simmons. Apart from being a celebrity mother, she is also a renowned author, radio and TV star, and nutrition expert. She survived breast cancer, while her mother also died from cancer. So, he began to help other people living with cancer and prevent them from cancer.

D'Andra Simmons
D’Andra Simmons with his mother, Dee Simmons
Source: Instagram

Dee is a fashion industry icon, owning a lingerie market in Dallas and New York. Furthermore, Simmons was also spotlighted in Women’s Wear Daily and other fashion fabrication. Dee continually appears on the National and zonal television programs.

Dee and his spouse, Glenn Simmons, a highly skilled business holder and group leader, and her daughter’s residence are in Dallas. Even with the chaos and hectic work, Dee still makes time to educate people living with cancer and build a charity.

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