Gena O’Kelley

Gena O’Kelley is a famous former model. she rose to prominence after marrying Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is the star of the hit TV series ‘Walker, Texas Ranger. In 1968, her husband won the inaugural World Middleweight Karate Championship. Gena O’Kelley Is In Happy Marital Relation With Chuck Norris Gena was married to Gordon Hinschberger. […]

Sarah Friar

Sarah Friar is a famous American- Irish businesswoman. Sarah is also an entrepreneur and Square’s chief executive officer (CEO). She worked as Square’s CFO. Friar is the wife of entrepreneur David K Riley. She is named on Forbes’ list of 2020 America’s Self-Made Women. Sarah Friar’s Husband Is David Riley Friar is married to David […]

Jelena Djokovic

Jelena Djokovic is a very popular entrepreneur, social media star, and celebrity wife from Serbia. Further, she is best known worldwide for being the lovely wife of famous tennis player Novak Djokovic. Not only this, but she is also the director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Jelena Djokovic Is Married To Novak Djokovic Gorgeous beauty Jelena is […]

Matilde Mourinho

Matilde Mourinho is a Businesswoman. She is popular for her father, a former football manager, and her Instagram account, with almost 38.4k followers. However, she is quite a strict person when it comes to her personal life. Also, there is no recent news regarding Matilde. Can we know enough about Matilde Mourinho? So here, with […]

Adriana Henao

Adriana Henao is a well-known marathon runner and an entrepreneur. Adrian also runs her clothing brand Pulmah which with her daughter. Further, this marathon runner is the Fiance of Helio Castroneves, a Brazilian racing driver who has won the Indianapolis 500 four times. Adriana Henao’s Is Engaged To Helio Castroneves Adriana Henao and Helio Castroneves […]

Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle Hayes is an American Television personality. She is well known for appearing in Big Brother in 2007 when she was 19, but she also owns a Bakery in Wakefield. Also, People know her as a good singer and Businesswomen too. Moreover, Chanelle recently posts that she loses her weight 109 kg to 63 kg […]

Salma Hayek

The biggest Female Star from Mexico, Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez, aka Salma Hayek, is a box office queen and a brilliant performer. Coming from a humble background, she managed to make a big name for herself. Furthermore, she has worked with Jonny Depp, Adan Sandler, Antonio Banderas, Adam Sandler, Ryan Renolds, and the Great Samuel […]

Ariana James

With the meteoric rise of Social media influencers, Arina James has been front and center of being a social media phenomenon. Born in South America, the model has caught everyone’s eyes with the Latino beauty. Furthermore, her incredible physique has attracted numerous brands and sponsorships. We have gathered interesting trivia and details about Arina, which […]

Jacki Shea

Living the life, you are passionate about is a life worth living. Jacki Shea Phillips is a Licensed Captain and a Social media influencer. With her unique content and enthusiasm for marine lives, she has gained a huge fan base, sharing her ideas. Furthermore, people are constantly seeking more details about the Florida native as […]

Renee Portnoy

Renee Portnoy is an American-born equestrian and now a social media personality. She is popular for being the ex-wife of sports blog founder David Portnoy. Fans also call her the “First lady of Barstool Nation.” But, those who are fans of sports blogs, Barstool sports, know her better. Can we know enough about Renee Portnoy? […]

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