Gena O’Kelley is a famous former model. she rose to prominence after marrying Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is the star of the hit TV series ‘Walker, Texas Ranger.

In 1968, her husband won the inaugural World Middleweight Karate Championship.

Gena O’Kelley Is In Happy Marital Relation With Chuck Norris

Gena was married to Gordon Hinschberger. Kelley and Gordon went separate ways. Unfortunately, there is no information on when the two married and divorced.

However, now she is happily married to Chuck Norris. According to several resources, she was at a restaurant in Dallas and was involved in an on-stage appearance when Chuck saw her. Her husband is a popular action movie actor.

At that time, he was on a date with another woman in the same restaurant Gena was in.

Norris family
Norris family
Image: Instagram

Chuck fell in love with Gena right away and sought his manager her phone number. Then Norris and Gena began seeing one other shortly after that fortuitous meeting and quickly became a romance.

They tied the knot on November 28, 1998. This beautiful former model welcomed two children (twins): Dakota Norris and Danilee Norris. Gena O’Kelley has four biological children and is her husband’s three elder children, older than her.

Health Issue Of Gena O’Kelley

In the spring of 2013, she underwent three MRI scans for rheumatoid arthritis research in eight days. Doctors used injections before MRI to better scan the findings, resulting in Gadolinium infection in Gena’s instance.

She became very unwell and went to the hospital six times a week. She was distressed by extremely painful rib pain, breathing difficulty, full-body tremors, muscular weakness, and joint discomfort.

Gena enjoying Jonny Almond treats
Gena is enjoying Jonny Almond treats.
Image: Instagram

According to Gena, while suffering from agony, she investigated herself on the internet and discovered gadolinium toxicity. Before settling on an integrative medicine clinic in Reno, Nevada, she visited numerous clinics recognizing gadolinium toxicity.

Gena had been hooked up to IVs and had been in bed for five months. She then acquired a hyperbaric chamber to help repair her brain.

Even though her health has greatly improved, she still suffers from scorching nerve agony and renal difficulties.

Net Worth Of Gena O’Kelley

This former model Gena is private when it comes to her personal life. However, her net worth is around $1 million. Moreover, her husband Chuck’s net worth is about $70 million.

Chuck and Gena
Chuck and Gena
Image: Instagram

According to sportskeeda, Gena’s husband gained the most of his income by appearing in films such as The Delta Force, Code of Silence, The Octagon, and the Missing in Action series.

Furthermore, Norris has also published multiple books that have contributed to his income, and he has been a New York Times best-selling author twice.

Gena’s spouse is supportive throughout, and he has even left his film job to devote his whole attention to her health. Chuck has also filed a $10 million claim for health and financial loss.

What Happened To Chuck Norris? Here’s What He’s Doing Now In 2022

One of the biggest actions actors of the 90s, Chuck Norris, has amassed a networth of 70 Million USD as of 2022. However, the cult actor’s stardom started to fade after the 2000s with the arrival of artists like Will Smith, Jhonny Depp and other mainstream actors.

Moreover, Norris has been immortalized in memes with his over-the-top action and cult personality, similarly to Rajni Kant in Asian Region.

One of his recent cameos was in the star ensemble action movie, The Expendables featuring the biggest action stars. The classic actor appeared in the third installment of the franchise.

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