Danna Schaeffer, a therapist based in Oregon, is a celebrity mother. Unfortunately, her 21-year-old actress daughter Rebecca Schaeffer died on July 18, 1989. Rebecca was fatally shot in the heart by Robert John Bardo in the doorway of her apartment.

Moreover, this was a significant loss for the entertainment industry, leaving the whole nation in shock.

Who Are Rebecca Schaeffer’s Parents?

Danna Schaeffer and Dr. Benson Schaeffer are the parents of late actress Rebecca Schaeffer.

When their daughter left the world at the age of 21, it was a significant trauma for them. Life was not easy for them.

However, they managed to live their life without their daughter. They are the unlucky parents who found their daughter murdered at such a young age.

Danna Schaeffer with her daughter Rebecca Schaeffer
Danna Schaeffer with her daughter Rebecca Schaeffer.
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Rebecca Schaeffer’s Parents are currently residing in Portland. They are a happy couple who continue to give one another the respect of love and understanding.

They were the supportive parents who worked hard for the excellent career of her daughter, Rebecca Schaeffer.

Death Of Rebecca Schaeffer

At 21 years old, gorgeous and talented actress Rebecca Schaeffer was preparing for the audition for “The Godfather Part III” when something worse happened.

On July 18, 1989, she planned to meet with Francis Ford Coppola to discuss a role in “The Godfather Part III.” She was waiting for a courier to deliver a script to her apartment.

Danna Schaeffer's daughter Rebecca Schaeffer
Danna Schaeffer’s daughter Rebecca Schaeffer.
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When the door rang, she came face to face with a man she did not know. She was brutally murdered by Robert John Bardo, who had been obsessed with her for three years. Also Read: Morgan Harvey

This was an excellent shock for Danna and Dr. Benson. They had never imagined that she would lose her life in her profession.

More Information About Danna Schaeffer

Danna is a gun control advocate who is helping Oregonians Against Gun Violence. Further, there are no details regarding her birthdate, educational background, and early life.

Also, she is not active on any other social media accounts. It seems like she does not prefer to expose much about her matters.

Danna Schaeffer with her husband and a daughter
Danna Schaeffer with her husband and a daughter.
Photo Source: Facebook

Rebecca left home at the age of 16 to pursue her modeling career in New York City.

She worked hard to achieve a promising modeling career. In 1986, her hard work paid off, and she appeared in the CBS sitcom “My Sister Sam,” which was aired until 1988. Her co-star in the sitcom was Pam Dawber. Later, she was seen alongside Burt Lancaster and Eva Marie Saint in “Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair.”

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