Dave Schwartz is a longtime Weather Channel meteorologist at The Weather Channel. He is best known for his insane talent for presenting an easygoing manner and a gentle sense of humor. Further, he had worldwide stardom and has created a massive online following by spreading his love of meteorology with fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, After a long battle with cancer, meteorologist Dave Schwartz of The Weather Channel passed away at 63.

Who Was The Wife Of Dave Schwartz?

Schwartz was a Married Man. He tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend. Also, they were the blessed parents of a son and a daughter. However, Schwartz never publicly revealed about his wife and their children. Also, the details regarding their marriage date and wedding destination are still a mystery.

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Dave Schwartz is a longtime Weather Channel meteorologist at The Weather Channel
Dave Schwartz is a longtime Weather Channel meteorologist at The Weather Channel.
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Schwartz was a career-oriented personality. He was much focused on his work as a  Meteorologist. Further, he was known for his friendly on-air demeanor and often referred to viewers as “my friend” before giving forecasts. His laidback style and sense of humor quickly made him a fan favorite at The Weather Channel.

So How Rich Was Dave Schwartz?

Schwartz was private when it came to his personal life. However, his net worth was around $1 million. His net worth is similar to Will Pullen’s. Indeed, the average salary for a meteorologist is $79,199 per year in the United States. So, we can assume that he earned quite a decent amount when he was alive.

Dave Schwartz on his work at The Weather Channel
Dave Schwartz on his work at The Weather Channel.
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However, these values might fluctuate significantly depending on the employee’s degree of seniority. His principal source of income was his meteorologist work. Moreover, Schwartz has amassed wealth via his numerous sources of income, yet he always lived a humble lifestyle.

Dave Schwartz Career As A Meteorologist

Schwartz joined the Weather Channel in 1985, initially as a newsroom assistant while working for the Fulton County Health Department in Georgia. Soon afterward, he became an on-camera meteorologist in 1991. Further, he continued to work for the Weather Channel for several years.

Moreover, he has been able to print his name as one of the successful meteorologists in history.

More Information About Dave Schwartz

The meteorologist Dave Schwartz was born on February 20, 1953, in Philadelphia, where he grew up and earned a degree in psychology from Temple University. Later, he received a certificate in meteorology studies from Mississippi State University. Further, there is not much information regarding his parents, siblings and early life.

Dave Schwartz gave the details regarding the weather conditions
Dave Schwartz gave the details regarding the weather conditions.
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Schwartz beat cancer twice in his lifetime. For the first time, he noticed a yellow tint to his skin and the whites of his eyes while applying his on-camera makeup. After consulting his doctor, he was diagnosed with Stage II pancreatic cancer. Schwartz was given one year to live after undergoing an unsuccessful procedure to remove a tumor. Yet, he was brave and refused to give up.

The meteorologist further continued with radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and after a second surgical procedure, it was pronounced cancer-free. 

A routine check-up showed that his cancer had returned less than a year later. Yet again, Schwartz found a treatment option that worked for him. In 2015, Schwartz was diagnosed with cancer a third time and died on July 30, 2016.