Dave Tomlinson is a vicar, an author who is a theologist and supports gay marriages. He is an Anglican priest—moreover, passionate, fun-making, humorous but hard-working, and faithful to god.

Tomlinson is a vicar in St. Lukes Holloway, north London. He was also a house church leader—furthermore, an advisor to the bishop of London on environmental issues.

Dave Tomlinson’s Early Life

Dave Tomlinson was born on August 17, 1948. Tomlinson has studied at Westcott House, Cambridge, and mastered Biblical Hermeneutics at the London School Of Theology.

So, he has written the Post-Evangelical. Tomlinson is also a regular contributor at BBC Radio 2’s pause for thought. Not to mention, he is calm and composed and acknowledges the people’s knowledge and their desires.

Dave Tomlinson
Dave Tomlinson.
Source: greenbelt.org.uk

Tomlinson was pulled into controversy several times for taking a stance on same-sex marriages. He has also frowned many because of taking the funeral of robbers – Bruce Reynold and Ronnie Biggs. Being kind and humble, he treats nicely to people from all races and backgrounds.

Dave has written the books – ‘How to be a bad Christian‘ and ‘The bad Christians Manifesto‘ in 2013 by Hodder and Stoughton.

Tomlinson’s other books include: Still Waters and Skyscrapers, Re-Enchanting Christianity, Billy Bremner’s Fifty Defining Fixtures, Black Sheep and Prodigals, and Birds Of Iberia. His books portray how thoughtful he is in changing the traditional religion without losing hope and faith.

Dave Tomlinson Family

Dave Tomlinson is married to Pat Tomlinson. Additionally, the couple has three children and a beautiful dog named Woody.

Dave Tomlinson
Dave Tomlinson is posing with his wife, Pat Tomlinson.
Source: @instagram/bad_christian

Both Tomlinson and his wife, Pat Tomlinson stepped down from the orthodox religion and co-founded Holy Joe’s church in a pub. They believe marginalized people who feel isolated from faith need to get rid of oppression in the name of god. Also Read: Morgan Harvey

Tomlinson thinks Traditional teachings of religion do not provide many opportunities to reinvent in the new light. Hence, they share a common ground of understanding and admiring each other.

Dave Tomlinson’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Dave Tomlinson’s net worth is $5 million. However, his house and other assets remain hidden. Dave and his wife Pat live in London, United Kingdom.

The average income of writers typically ranges between $55,505 to $67,102 per year. Therefore, we can assume the yearly income of Tomlinson might be $60,000. Besides, he also earns through book sales and the credibility of her published books.

Dave is very much active in social media. He has 788 followers on @instagram (bad_christian), 1731 followers on @Twitter (goodluker), and 629 YouTube subscribers (Dave Tomlinson).

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