David Sanov is a former California Highway Patrol Officer who rose to prominence after tieing the knot with actress Alison Sweeney.

His wife has worldwide stardom, featuring in over 20 films and TV series with a very successful career. Meanwhile, she is best recognized for her incredible role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.

Moreover, David has been quite a prominent personality since the pair married, as everyone wants to know more about him.

David Sanov and Alison Sweeney share two adorable kids

David and Alison dated for quite a long period before their wedding. Both of them have a good understanding and emotional intimacy with each other. Moreover, a more extended dating period was associated with a higher probability of a happy marriage.

Finally, their grand wedding happened on July 8, 2000, in the presence of their near and dear ones. You may also read about other celebrity husbands, such as Todd William Harris and Steve Janowitz.

David Sanov with his loving family
David Sanov with his loving family.
Photo Source: Instagram

From an early age, the duo had known each other. Their parents were family friends and often met frequently on every occasion. Furthermore, Alison admitted that she had a crush on David early on.

She revealed that her friend helped her make sense of her feelings and figure out whether David was just a friend or something else might be happening.

Alison wanted David to be with him in more than just a friendly way. Meanwhile, she always wants to be his romantic partner.

The couple is made for each other. Meanwhile, their relationship was about realizing each other’s differences and striving to reach a mutual ground where individuality remains intact, and love grows without conditions.

Recently, David and his wife celebrated their 22 years together on June 2, 2022.

Father of Two Children

David and his wife Alison are proud parents of two adorable children. The duo shared their first child Benjamin Sanov in February 2005.

Likewise, the family of three became five when Alison gave birth to her second child Megan Hope, was born following a labor-induced process.

David and Benjamin were living a happy life along with their children. Moreover, Alison said her son affectionately referred to his younger sister as “cutie pie.”

So How Rich Is David Sanov?

David is a determined, hardworking, and dedicated police officer. After completing his University degree, he pursued his professional career as a police officer. Presently, he is working as a Highway Patrol Officer in the California Highway Patrol. As of 2022, David’s net worth is about $500k, similar to Doris Kleiner’s.

David Sanov with his Gorgeous wife, Alison Sweeney
David Sanov with his Gorgeous wife, Alison Sweeney.
Photo Source: Instagram

Besides, his wife, Alison Sweeney, is a Millionaire. She has earned a massive wealth from her fantastic acting career in Films and Television.

As of 2022, Alison’s net worth is reported to be about $9 Million. Furthermore, she appeared on a celebrity episode of Fear Factor, an NBC reality game show, and other NBC shows like Friends and Las Vegas.

Also, she was a co-host of the 2007 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and returned to co-host the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 telethons. In addition, Alison runs the website alisonsweeney.com, which she dedicated to fitness and health for moms.

More Information About David Sanov

This celebrity husband was born in the early 70s. He is a native of Los Angeles. Growing up as a kid, he was highly versatile and great at learning new things.

Further, he remains at 6 feet or 1.8m tall. His weight is 76kg. He has dark brown eyes and brown hair, making him look beautiful. Additionally, he is the father of two kids, Benjamin and Megan.

David Sanov and Alison Sweeney celebrated 21 years of their marriage
David Sanov and Alison Sweeney celebrated 21 years of their marriage.
Photo Source: Instagram

In terms of schooling, David went to Oakland School in North Hollywood and graduated in 1990. Further, he joined the University of California for his studies. Later, he opted to become a police officer rather than enter the corporate world.

Even though his work has not been paid much attention to, he likes what he does and is much more satisfied in his life. Being a Police Officer, he has not earned much popularity. However, he has become a famous figure because of the career achievement of his wife, Alison.

Alison is well-known for portraying Samantha “Sami” Brady on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. Also, she earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination, four Soap Opera Digest Awards, and a Fan Voted Daytime Emmy Award for her excellent performance.

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