Eddy Quintela, the talented composer, and second husband of the late musician Christine McVie, made a lasting impact on the music scene. Born with a passion for creating beautiful tunes that stir the soul, Quintela worked on films like “Irresistible” (2006) and “Time of Our Lives” (2019).

His musical journey, tragically cut short in 2020, in Estoril, Portugal, left an enduring mark. In this article, we take a look at the life and melodies of Eddy Quintela.

So, Who is Eddy Quintela Portuguese keyboardist and songwriter? What happened to Eddy Quintela? Did Christine and Eddy have children?

When Was Eddy Quintela Born? Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life

Eduardo Quintela De Mendonca, known as Eddy Quintela, had a mysterious early life, and not much is known about his birthdate, parents, siblings, or education. The details remain hidden, leaving us curious about his beginnings.

Meanwhile, his former spouse, Christine Anne Perfect, born on July 12, 1943, in Greenodd, Lancashire, has a more detailed background. Growing up in Bearwood near Birmingham, Christine’s father was a concert violinist and music lecturer, while her mother was a medium and psychic.

With family ties to music and spirituality, Christine’s early life provides a contrast to the enigma surrounding Eddy Quintela’s origins.

Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie’s Marriage Details

Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie first met in 1984 when he was playing music for her solo album. The magic of their musical connection turned into something more, and they tied the knot on October 18, 1986.

Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie were together for nearly two decades.
Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie were together for nearly two decades. Source: Pinterest

Choosing Portugal as their love nest, the couple settled down in a cozy villa near Estoril, a cool coastal town known for its casino and racetrack. It’s like a romantic story unfolding in the heart of Portugal for Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie.

They Have Collaborated on Many Songs

Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie teamed up on lots of Fleetwood Mac songs, starting with the 1987 album “Tango in the Night.” Their best-known hit, “Little Lies,” even got nominated for a Grammy!

They kept making music magic on albums like “Behind the Mask,” “Time,” and “The Dance,” plus Christine’s solo one, “In the Meantime.” Their songs often spilled out real-life feelings, like “Nights in Estoril,” giving a peek into their life in Portugal, and “Save Me,” sharing hopes during tough times.

Eddy, not just a songwriter but also a keyboard whiz, left his unique mark on Fleetwood Mac’s awesome sound.

Why Did Eddy and Christine Gor Divorce?

Eddy Quintela and Christine McVie, married for 17 years, decided to part ways in 2003. Even after their divorce, they stayed friends and respected each other’s music. Sadly, they didn’t create together anymore.

Eddy stayed in Portugal, where he kept making music for other artists and sometimes played live, performing his songs or covering Fleetwood Mac classics. Their split marked the end of their musical journey as a couple, but both continued to pursue their love for music in different ways.

Songs of Eddy Quintela

Eddy Quintela was a talented composer known for his work on various projects. In 2006, he added his touch to the “Irresistible” soundtrack with the song “Tell Me Lies.” Quintela collaborated with Fleetwood Mac, contributing to their live performance “Fleetwood Mac: Temporary One” in 1997.

His music also appeared in instructional videos like “Rue McClanahan: The Dog Care Video Guide” and “Rue McClanahan: The Cat Care Video Guide” in 1990.

One of Quintela’s standout works was the song “Little Lies,” featured in TV shows like “Younger” (2016), “Superstore” (2019), and “Beat Shazam” (2018). The song’s popularity made it into “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2017) and the drama “Cold Case” (2007).

Additionally, his composition “Temporary One” was part of the TV special “Fleetwood Mac: The Dance” in 1997.

Even after his passing, Quintela’s music remained relevant, with “Little Lies” appearing in “Morning Joe” (2021) and the special “MTV 80s – Top 50 Greatest Voices of the 80s!” (2020).

Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

Eddy Quintela passed away on October 16, 2020, in Estoril, Portugal. The details surrounding the cause of his death remain undisclosed to the public. Quintela largely retreated from the public eye after his divorce from Christine McVie.

Similarly, also know the death cause of Priscilla Murray Gibson and Clarence Gilyard.

Christine McVie Cause of Death

Christine McVie, the talented musician from Fleetwood Mac, sadly passed away on November 30, 2022, at 79 years old. She had a stroke and was also dealing with cancer.

Fleetwood Mac, in a statement, called her the “best musician” and “best friend” anyone could have.

Another band member, Stevie Nicks, shared that Christine was her “best friend in the whole world.” It’s a big loss for the music world, and many will remember Christine McVie.

Net Worth: How Rich Was Eddy at the Time of His Death

Eddy Quintela, the composer, made a good amount of money creating hit songs. When he passed away, he was estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Christine McVie, was a famous English musician in Fleetwood Mac. She was super rich, with a net worth of $105 million when she passed away.

Christine McVie was a multi-millionaire.
Christine McVie was a multi-millionaire. Source: Pinterest

Christine was a big deal in Fleetwood Mac and wrote some of their most famous songs like “Don’t Stop” and “You Make Loving Fun.” These songs were part of the “Rumours” album, which sold over 40 million copies.

Fleetwood Mac has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, and Christine was a big part of their success, writing half the songs on their greatest hits album.

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