Meet Elizabeth Francis Frakes: a dynamic force in theater, writing, and filmmaking, infusing the ordinary with absurdity and humor. Hailing from a lineage of acclaimed actors, including Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes, she passionately crafts plays, screenplays, and fiction, exploring the intersections of humor, drama, and societal landscapes.

With a knack for collaborative artistry, she shines both behind and in front of the camera, captivating audiences with her multifaceted talents. Dive into the vibrant world of this versatile artist, where creativity knows no bounds.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Age, Wiki, Siblings, College, Early Life

Eliza Frakes, a prominent American theater personality, actor, and filmmaker, entered this world on May 30th, 1997, in Portland, Maine. At 26 years old as of 2023, she proudly embraces her lineage as the daughter of celebrated figures Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis.

Similarly, Elizabeth has one sibling, a brother Jameson Ivor Frakes.

Educationally, Frakes honed her skills at Lewis and Clark College, graduating with degrees in English and Theater. Her artistic journey delves into the realms of theater, writing, and filmmaking. There she intricately weaves humor into dramatic narratives, bringing forth the extraordinary in the mundane.

While details about her ethnicity remain undisclosed, her devotion to Christianity is steadfast. Likewise, Frakes’ creative pursuits continue to captivate audiences, painting a vivid tapestry that reflects her depth of storytelling and artistic versatility.

Meet Her Parents, Genie Francis, and Jonathan Frakes

Elizabeth Francis Frakes, also known as Eliza Frakes, is the daughter of the renowned actors Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis.

Jonathan and Genie first crossed paths during the filming of the mini-series “Bare Essence” in 1982 and reconnected while working on another mini-series titled “North and South” in 1984. Their romantic journey officially began in 1985, leading to an engagement in 1986 and a joyous union on May 28, 1988.

Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis have been together for over three decades.
Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis have been together for over three decades. Source: Pinterest

This union blessed them with two children: Jameson Ivor Frakes, born in 1994, and Elizabeth Francis Frakes, born in 1997. Genie Francis is celebrated for her iconic roles as Laura Spencer on ‘General Hospital,’ Diana Colville on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and Genevieve Atkinson on ‘The Young and the Restless.’

Meanwhile, Jonathan Frakes gained fame for portraying Commander William Riker in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and later in related films and series. Additionally, he showcased his talent as a host on the anthology series ‘Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction’ and lent his voice to David Xanatos in the Disney TV series ‘Gargoyles.’

Relationship Details: Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Elizabeth Francis has maintained privacy regarding her personal life, specifically about her romantic relationships. Just like Claudia Xochitl Huerta and Toriah Lachell, she hasn’t publicly discussed or confirmed any details about a romantic partner.

Frakes has remained low-key about her personal affairs, including her family life, and hasn’t participated in interviews that delve into her relationships.

Furthermore, her Instagram account being private adds to the challenge of confirming or denying the existence of a romantic partner, as her social media presence remains inaccessible to the public. Frakes seems to prioritize her privacy, leaving her personal life, including her potential relationship status, outside the public spotlight.

Elizabeth Frakes’ Theatrical Journey

Elizabeth Francis Frakes embarked on her remarkable journey in theater during her mid-teens, achieving recognition at just 15 by securing a coveted National YoungArts Foundation Honorable Mention for her film “IV Script, With Love, Tuck, and Alex.”

While attending Viewpoint School, Frakes expressed a desire to delve into filmmaking and storytelling to create documentaries addressing environmental concerns, showcasing her early passion for advocacy through art.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes on the set of theatre.
Elizabeth Francis Frakes on the set of theatre. Source: Pinterest

During her college years, Eliza demonstrated an ardent commitment to both the English and Theatre departments. Engaging in an independent study bridging both fields, she crafted a pilot and a play that later earned accolades, winning the student category of the Wildsound Festival for her original pilot.

Her dedication to the craft earned her the Departmental Distinction Award in acting while pursuing her education. Seeking to refine her acting skills, she honed her craft at the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, mastering a spectrum of techniques from devising to Shakespeare.

Frakes further expanded her artistic horizons as an RA/TA at Fir Acres’ writing workshop in Portland, Oregon, nurturing her multifaceted talents in the realm of creative expression. Her early achievements and commitment to diverse artistic pursuits attest to her passion and dedication to the world of theater and storytelling.

More Into Her Career

Following her tenure at the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, Eliza Frakes embarked on a vibrant journey spanning the nation, immersing herself in various creative arenas – from writers’ rooms and theater sets to educational roles.

In Los Angeles, she delved into the world of script coverage as a remote writer at Fuzzy Door Productions. Frakes seamlessly juggled her multifaceted career, showcasing her versatility both on and off stage.

Her impressive repertoire includes captivating performances in roles such as Mash in ‘Stupid F*$king Bird,’ Tabby in ‘Cuddles,’ Lily in ‘Waterlily,’ and Sarah in the short film ‘Murky,’ demonstrating her range and depth as a theater artist.

Complementing her acting prowess, Frakes has delved into theater writing, contributing compelling pieces like ‘Remembrance Day’ and ‘Moleman’ to the world of stagecraft.

Her Work Has Been Featured In Canned

Eliza Frakes has garnered noteworthy acclaim, showcasing her versatility across multiple creative domains. Her short film earned the prestigious honor of being featured at Cannes and secured victory at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, cementing her presence in the cinematic world.

Renowned among peers for her exceptional talent in devising original content, Frakes has proven her mettle on diverse stages, encompassing classical, modern, and experimental theater productions both in academic and professional settings.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a theatre artist.
Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a theatre artist. Source: Pinterest

Beyond her impressive theater contributions, Eliza spearheads the 920 Collective, a collaborative community nurturing early-career artists in creating innovative multimedia projects. She also contributes to the Corrib Theatre, enriching the theatrical landscape with her multifaceted skills.

Her foray into television commenced with a significant milestone, serving as a Writer’s PA for a CBS All Access show in September 2019. This experience granted her invaluable insights by immersing her in the dynamic TV writers’ room environment.

Frakes’ creative journey continued to flourish in 2020, marked by a year-long residency with Echo Theatre as a young playwright. This residency culminated in the debut of her compelling full-length play, ‘Moleman,’ adding another feather to her cap.

Moreover, she founded the ‘Might Be A Bad One Collective,’ a visionary art group fostering a space for collaboration, accountability, and a vibrant creative community.

She Has Also Wrote a Book

Even during her formative years at Viewpoint School, Eliza Frakes displayed her artistic flair and compassion. At the age of 16, she penned the children’s book ‘I Don’t Want To Play Princess,’ drawing inspiration from cherished summers spent amidst the natural beauty of Lake Megunticook in Maine.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Frakes pursued holistic wellness, obtaining her certification as a yoga teacher while studying at Viewpoint. She demonstrated her altruistic spirit by sharing the benefits of yoga with children from underprivileged backgrounds.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Elizabeth Francis Frakes, a rising talent in the entertainment industry, has undoubtedly made a significant mark in her career. While specific financial details remain private, public sources estimate her net worth at around $1 million.

Born into a family of accomplished individuals, her parents, Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis, boast a combined net worth of $25 million.

Jonathan Frakes’ Salary

Jonathan Frakes, renowned for his roles as an actor, author, and director, earned substantial income during his peak years. In the late ’80s and early ‘90s, he commanded a salary per episode of $45,000 on ‘The Next Generation,’ eventually reaching $100,000 per episode in the series’ final seasons.

His involvement in the 1994 film ‘Star Trek Generations’ brought him $400,000, followed by a significant leap with $5 million for ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ in 1996, a film he also directed.

Genie Francis Did Not Want Eliza To Be Actress

Genie Francis, despite her own successful acting career, expressed reservations about her daughter Eliza pursuing a television series during her teenage years. Eliza, passionate about acting, had a keen interest in entering the industry, but her mother was cautious.

Genie Francis with her daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes.
Genie Francis with her daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes. Source: Pinterest

In an interview with Your Teen Mag, Genie shared her rationale, indicating that she supported Eliza’s involvement in local theater and acting classes with a reputable teacher. However, she was apprehensive about committing to a TV series.

She said,

I let her do local theater, and I let her take acting class with a very good teacher. I would let her do a guest spot for the experience. But I would never allow her to be on a TV series.

This concern stemmed from Genie’s own experiences in the industry. She herself began her acting career at the age of 14 on ‘General Hospital,’ signing a three-year contract that required her presence for 52 weeks a year. Genie’s commitment to the series meant she missed out on significant aspects of her high school experience.

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