Toriah Lachell, renowned for her prowess as a hairstylist, stepped into the spotlight through her relationship with Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics’ talented forward. Their romantic journey, spanning years and culminating in a shared son, drew considerable attention.

Since their parting ways, curiosity about Lachell’s current romantic status piqued interest. However, amidst this, her private life remains just that—private. Beyond her personal life, Lachell’s professional acumen in the beauty industry shines.

Exploring her family background glimpses through pictures, and uncovering intriguing facets, Lachell’s story extends far beyond her relationship with the basketball star.

How Old Is Toriah Lachell? Age, Wiki, Parents, Early Life

Toriah Lachell, born on February 6, 2000, holds roots in St. Louis, Missouri, but her heart now beats to the rhythm of Boston, Massachusetts. Her family includes her mom Julie Gibbs. Though, details about her biological father are not much known to the public.

McCluer North High School was her haven, where she poured her soul into varsity soccer and four years of softball. After graduating from Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur, Missouri, wove her destiny with her future partner. Her Instagram tales paint vivid pictures of her love for soccer and softball during those high school days.

Despite her entrepreneurial strides and a past intertwined with a Boston Celtics player, Torah treasures her privacy, focusing on her professional dreams above all.

She Shares Close Bond With Her Step-Father

Toriah Lachell’s family dynamic is centered around her mother, Julie Gibbs, who later married John Gibbs, becoming Toriah’s stepfather.

Toriah Lachell with her parents and other family members.
Toriah Lachell with her parents and other family members. Source: Instagram

John graduated from Northwest High School and shares a strong bond with Toriah, despite details about her biological father being a bit unclear. Their closeness is evident through the beautiful photos they often share on social media.

Additionally, within this family unit, Toriah has a half-brother named Morgan, stemming from her mother’s relationship with John. Their family moments, captured on platforms like Facebook, highlight their strong connections and shared experiences.

Are Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum Still Together?

Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum’s story began during their time at Chaminade College Preparatory School. They met, and according to sources, there was an instant connection when their eyes met. Their relationship officially started in August 2014, marking the beginning of their journey as high school sweethearts.

Notably, a few months into their relationship, Toriah’s then-future stepfather, John, started sharing their photos on Facebook. On a significant occasion, Toriah’s senior homecoming day on September 28th, John proudly posted pictures of the couple on social media, expressing his admiration for Toriah and noting her beauty, akin to her mother’s.

Despite the affection and bond between Toriah and Jayson, their relationship didn’t lead to marriage. Likewise, they broke up.

She Shares a Son With Jayson

Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum welcomed their son, Jayson “Deuce” Junior, into the world in December 2017. Their anticipation and joy were evident as they announced the impending arrival of their first child a few months before his birth.

Toriah Lachell with her only son.
Toriah Lachell with her only son. Source: Instagram

Despite their separation, Lachell and Tatum are dedicated to co-parenting their son. Toriah’s heartfelt commitment is evident in her decision to relocate to Boston, ensuring their son feels the presence and love of both parents. This thoughtful gesture highlights her dedication to fostering a supportive environment for their child.

Jayson Jr., often seen attending his father’s games in Boston, has captivated fans with his undeniable charm, earning the affectionate nickname “Deuce” from adoring supporters.

Why Did Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum Broke Up?

Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum, despite their initial connection and the joy of welcoming their son, ultimately parted ways. Reports indicate that their relationship couldn’t endure, leading them to go separate paths shortly after their son was born.

Following their breakup, Tatum was reported to have entered a new relationship with Samie Amos, a former Duke volleyball player.

Moreover, there were past allegations regarding Tatum’s faithfulness during his relationship with Toriah. Lou Williams, a guard from the Los Angeles Clippers, alleged that Tatum was involved with two other women, Ashley Henderson, and Rece Mitchell, while still in a relationship with Toriah.

These claims suggest a more complicated relationship dynamic during their time together.

Did She Started Dating Again? What Is She Doing Now?

After parting ways with her ex-boyfriend Tatum, Toriah Lachell has maintained a tight lid on her personal life. She hasn’t shared any details about her romantic endeavors since the breakup. It seems that her primary focus revolves around caring for her son, and she doesn’t appear to be rushing into a new relationship.

While Toriah keeps her love life private, there’s hope that she might share about her relationships when she finds the right partner. For now, Toriah seems dedicated to her role as a mother, prioritizing her son’s well-being above all else.

Professional Career: She Has a Hair Salon

Toriah Lachell has transitioned from her romantic past to a career path she’s passionate about. Having attended a beauty school in Boston, she’s now a successful hairstylist and the proud owner of The Curl Bar Boston, a hair salon promoting hair empowerment with over 2k followers on Instagram.

Toriah Lachell is a professional hairstylist.
Toriah Lachell is a professional hairstylist. Source: Instagram

Through the salon’s profile, she champions caring for and embracing one’s natural hair.

Her active presence on Instagram, under the handle @hairbytoriahlachell, showcases her expertise as a Curl Specialist. Toriah predominantly shares diverse curly hairstyles, offering inspiration and guidance to her audience.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Toriah Lachell has built her career and wealth primarily through her hairstyling profession, owning The Curl Bar Boston, and creating educational courses aimed at hair care. Her net worth is reported at $500,000, a testament to her entrepreneurial efforts and dedication to her craft.

In contrast, Jayson Tatum, known for his career as an NBA player for the Boston Celtics, boasts a significantly larger net worth of $50 million. His considerable earnings stem from his lucrative five-year contract extension signed in November 2020, potentially worth up to $195.6 million.

This deal’s value is contingent on Tatum achieving various milestones such as MVP awards and All-NBA team selections. His salary is notably substantial, starting at $33 million in year one and reaching a base salary of $44.5 million by year five.

This staggering income reflects both his skill on the court and the rewarding nature of professional basketball contracts.

Toriah Is Active on Instagram

Toriah Lachell has a strong presence on Instagram, boasting over 16.1k followers as of 2023. Her active engagement on the platform revolves around showcasing her hairstyling skills, and frequently sharing her work with her audience.

Toriah Lachell is active on Instagram.
Toriah Lachell is active on Instagram. Source: Instagram

Interestingly, while she maintains an active profile on Instagram, she seems to steer clear of other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, just like Belinda Bromilow and Anna Pniowsky.

Height & Weight

Toriah mama stands at 173 centimetres (5 feet 8 inches) tall. She weighs approximately 130 lbs (59 kg). She has brown eyes which compliments her black curly hair.

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