Susan Iger, known for her connection to business magnate Robert Iger, captivates curiosity with her elusive persona. As the former spouse of Disney’s visionary CEO, Susan shared life with a man who shaped entertainment’s future. Despite her privacy, her impact resonates through Robert Iger’s transformative tenure.

Beyond the limelight, Susan remains a mystery, her life veiled from public view. Her enigmatic presence beside one of corporate America’s most influential figures piques fascination, leaving a trail of intrigue in her wake.

How Old Is Susan Iger? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Susan Iger, born in Roselle, New Jersey, remains a private figure despite her connection to renowned businessman Robert Iger.

At 76 years old in 2023, she spent her formative years in Roselle, attending Abraham Clark High School before pursuing higher education at American University, where she graduated in 1969.

Susan Iger with one of her daughter.
Susan Iger with one of her daughter. Source: Pinterest

While Susan’s family background remains undisclosed, her former husband, born in 1951 in New York to Mimi and Arthur L. Iger, stands as an influential American businessman. Celebrating his birthday on February 10th, he’s 72 years old, marking an impactful legacy within the business world.

Despite her ties to such prominence, Susan maintains a discreet existence, her personal life veiled from public view.

Marriage and Divorce of Susan and Robert “Bob” Iger

Susan and Robert Iger’s love story, veiled in privacy, took a turn that many relationships encounter. Their journey began in a close-knit, heartfelt ceremony, surrounded by cherished loved ones.

As the producer behind ‘Intimate Portrait’ and the chairman of Disney, they shared moments of happiness until personal differences quietly crept in. Despite the joyous start, the exact date of their union remains tucked away, a precious detail kept close to their hearts.

However, after several years of marriage, the strain of irreconcilable differences became evident. In 1994, the couple made the difficult decision to part ways, announcing their separation and subsequently filing for divorce.

Their lives, once intertwined in happiness, took separate paths as they finalized their divorce that same year. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Susan and Robert made a commitment to co-parent their three children, emphasizing their shared responsibility in navigating the challenges of parenting despite their changed relationship status.

Why Did Bob and His Ex-wife Susan Iger Get Divorce?

Susan and Bob Iger’s once-solid foundation faced a tumultuous shift due to the demands of their respective careers. Balancing professional pursuits with familial commitments became an intricate juggle, initially manageable but increasingly challenging over time.

The turning point arrived when Bob assumed a significant role as the head of ABC Entertainment in Los Angeles in 1989.

The geographical relocation marked a critical juncture that strained their relationship. Susan, deeply rooted in her New York origins, grappled with the idea of uprooting her life to embrace a new chapter in Los Angeles. Despite her initial support, the geographical divide and constant travel demanded by Bob’s career took a toll on their marriage.

Bob’s memoir, “The Ride of a Lifetime,” reflected on Susan’s struggle with this transition. Her unwavering commitment to adventure was juxtaposed with the harsh reality of their diverging paths. In 1992, Susan made the difficult decision to file for divorce, seeking solace back in New York with their two daughters.

How Many Kids Do Susan and Robert Iger Share?

Susan and Bob Iger’s shared journey as parents blossomed into a beautiful tapestry woven with love and dedication. They nurtured two remarkable daughters, Kate Pamela Iger, born in 1979, and Amanda Iger.

Robert Iger with his two daughters which he shares with his first wife.
Robert Iger with his two daughters which he shares with his first wife. Source: Pinterest

Their eldest daughter, Kate, embarked on her own chapter of love, embracing marriage to Jarrod Alan Cushing in a heartfelt ceremony at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island, in 2005. Jarrod serves as the Southwestern Region of Connecticut’s bail commissioner, adding another layer of richness to their family story.

Meanwhile, Amanda, their younger daughter, is reportedly navigating life independently, embracing the single life as she crafts her unique path forward. In the midst of their own endeavors, Susan and Bob continue to foster a bond with their adult children, savoring the joys and milestones that life presents along the way.

Her Ex-Husband Bob Roger Remarried, So What About Her?

Following their divorce, Susan Iger has maintained a private life, steering clear of the paparazzi’s lens and focusing on her personal journey like Harrie Tendler and Debby Clarke Belichick. Meanwhile, her former husband, Bob, found love anew and embarked on a joyful marital journey with Willow Bay, a television journalist.

Susan Iger did not remarry as she enjoys her time more with her granddaughters.
Susan Iger did not remarry as she enjoys her time more with her granddaughters. Source: Pinterest

Bob Iger, now 72, and Willow Bay, 59, a former model, celebrated their union on October 7th, 1995, in a beautiful ceremony held in Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY. Their wedding was an interfaith affair, blending elements of Jewish and Roman Catholic traditions, officiated by Rev. Roland Ghirlando.

Their marital bliss has spanned a quarter-century, marked by happiness and the joys of parenting. Together, Bob and Willow have nurtured a loving family, welcoming two sons into their lives.

Robert Maxwell “Max” Iger, born in 1998, has now reached 25 years of age, while their younger son, William Iger, born in 2002, is currently 21. Their commitment to family and each other has woven a tapestry of love and shared experiences over the years.

Career: What Does She Do?

As Susan is a very private person. Likewise, she has yet to disclose information on her professional career.

On the other hand, her former spouse, Robert Iger’s career has been a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. He began his media journey in 1972 as the anchor of Campus Probe, a television show produced by Ithaca College.

His early aspirations of becoming a news anchor shifted, leading him to join the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in 1974, initially in a junior capacity. His career at ABC unfolded steadily, encompassing various roles that culminated in significant leadership positions.

Notably, in 1988, Iger served as a senior program officer at the Calgary Winter Olympics. His ascendancy continued when he became the head of ABC Entertainment in 1989, making pivotal decisions on shows like Twin Peaks and Cop Rock.

His progression within ABC was evident as he was appointed Capital Cities/ABC’s senior vice president in March 1993, further rising to executive vice president in July of the same year. During this time, he concurrently held the role of president of the ABC Network Television Group from January 1993 to 1994.

The pinnacle of his career at ABC came in 1994 when he was named president and chief operating officer of Capital Cities/ABC, the corporate parent of ABC. His transition to Disney occurred swiftly as he assumed the role of president of Walt Disney Worldwide and chairman of the ABC Group on February 25, 1999.

This move marked his shift away from day-to-day management at ABC, signifying a new era steering Disney’s international activities. Iger’s leadership, strategic vision, and transformative decisions have significantly shaped the trajectory of The Walt Disney Company, with his tenure as CEO from 2005 and subsequent role as Executive Chairman.

Net Worth

Susan Iger’s personal net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, and details about her financial status remain private. As the former spouse of a highly successful businessman like Bob Iger, she likely had access to substantial resources during their marriage, contributing to a comfortable lifestyle.

On the other hand, Bob Iger’s financial achievements have been widely reported. His staggering net worth, at $350 million by Celebrity Net Worth. His wealth reflects the success and impact of his career, particularly during his tenure as CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

Earning and Salary of Bob Iger

Iger’s compensation during his leadership years at Disney was notable. His ownership of 1.08 million shares of Disney stock alone held a market value of $130 million at one point. Across several years, his annual earnings consistently reached impressive figures of $50 million, comprising base salary, bonuses, and stock grants.

In 2015, his annual salary was reported at $44.9 million. By 2019, Forbes detailed that his earnings reached $47.5 million, encompassing a salary of $3 million, a bonus of $21.8 million, and an additional $19.6 million from stock awards and options.

These figures underline Iger’s substantial financial success, reflecting his impactful leadership within the realm of entertainment and corporate management.

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