Harriet Tendler, recognized as Charles Bronson‘s ex-wife, shared a life intertwined with Hollywood’s action scene. He is most known for his action and war movies like; “Man With a Camera”, “4 for Texas”, “Guns of Diablo”, and “Death Wish.”

Beyond her role as a mother to their two children, their marital journey, rooted in love, encountered its end after years together. The details surrounding their separation and Tendler’s life post-divorce remain a mystery. So is she still alive? What is she doing now?

Despite her association with the renowned actor, her current endeavors and personal pursuits stay hidden from the public eye, leaving a veil over her present narrative. Explore the intriguing tale of Harriet Tendler to uncover more about her love life, age, children, and beyond.

Harriet Tendler Wiki/Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Harriet Tendler, born in 1929 and hailing from a Jewish family in Philadelphia, embodied the essence of an American upbringing. Her heritage is traced back to a thriving Jewish dairy farmer, although specifics about her parents remain undisclosed, hinting at a veiled past.

Young Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson.
Young Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson. Source: Pinterest

The loss of her mother at a young age echoes through the mention of her father as a “widowed farmer.”

In 1947, as a young teenager, Harriet embarked on a journey at the Bessie V. Hicks School of Stage, Screen, and Radio in her hometown.

It was within these walls where fate intertwined her story with Charles Bronson, sparking a love that echoed beyond the realms of Hollywood. Curious about their entwined lives? Keep reading for more about their intriguing relationship.

Harriet and Charles Bronson’s Marriage Details

Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson’s story began when she was 18 and he was 26. Further, their meeting, fueled by a shared dream of acting, blossomed in the halls of their school.

Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson.
Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson. Source: Pinterest

Their love knew hurdles – her father was initially hesitant due to religious differences, and Charles, with just four cents in his pocket on their first date, worked hard in a coal mine.

Despite these obstacles, they tied the knot on September 30, 1949, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Moreover, Harriet stood by Charles through thick and thin, but after more than a decade together, their paths diverged, leading to their separation in 1965.

Harriet and Charles Shared Two Kids

Harriet Tendler and Charles were blessed with two children during their marriage. Suzanne Bronson, their first child, graced their lives on February 27, 1955. Six years later, in February 1961, they welcomed their son, Tony Bronson.

While Charles devoted considerable time to his work in Hollywood, Harriet took on the role of a dedicated single parent, nurturing and caring for their children. She remained at home, providing love and support, ensuring her children had a stable foundation while Charles pursued his career in the limelight.

Why Did They Got Divorce?

Harriet Tendler poured her heart into supporting her husband through thick and thin, shouldering the responsibility of raising their children single-handedly. However, the dynamics shifted when Charles Bronson became involved with his younger co-actress, Jill Ireland.

While Charles soared to great heights in Hollywood, it was the intrusion of Jill that fractured their bond. Yet, according to Harriet, the underlying reason for their emotional distance wasn’t solely the affair but rather how Charles grappled with his newfound fame.

In a heartfelt interview with WAMG, Harriet shared that Charles seemed driven primarily by financial gain, often fixated on future endeavors rather than savoring the impact of his work, ultimately causing a rift between them.

Did Harriet Tendler Remarry? Who Is Her Current Husband?

After her divorce from Charles Bronson, there’s no record of Harriet Tendler entering into another romantic relationship. She found fulfillment and happiness in her career, seemingly content without a new partner by her side.

Charles Bronson with his second wife, actress Jill Ireland.
Charles Bronson with his second wife, actress Jill Ireland. Source: Pinterest

In contrast, Charles Bronson moved on to marry Jill Ireland, his co-actress with whom he had the affair. Their marriage on October 5, 1968, saw the birth of two children, Jason and Katrina, and they also adopted a daughter, Zuleika. Tragically, Jill Ireland passed away on May 18, 1990, due to breast cancer at their home in Malibu, California, at 54.

Later in life, Charles Bronson remarried for the third time to Kim Weeks in December 1998, but his life was cut short by lung cancer, and he passed away in 2003. His marriage with Kim lasted five years until his death.

Professional Career: What Does She Do For a Living?

Harriet Tendler embarked on her professional journey initially as an actor but faced challenges in attaining the success she sought. Shifting gears, she emerged as a notable radio host in Los Angeles, gaining acclaim on local stations like KABC and KEIV.

Diving into writing, akin to Anne Rice, Harriet showcased her literary prowess by penning multiple books. Alongside her memoir chronicling life with Charles Bronson, she authored works like “Sketches in Pen and Ink” and a Civil War-themed book titled “Drumbeats on the Watchtower.” Her writing journey extended to three published novels, showcasing her diverse storytelling abilities.

Beyond writing, Harriet showcased her artistic talents, exploring mediums such as painting, sculpture, and jewelry-making. Her artwork graced several exhibitions, including a solo showcase at the Wally Findlay Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Her creative flair transcended artistic expressions, extending to the culinary domain. An accomplished cook, she frequently hosted intimate gatherings, inspiring her to craft a cookbook titled “Harriet Tendler’s Kitchen,” encapsulating her culinary passion and expertise.

Net Worth

Harriet Tendler, despite leading a more private life compared to Charles Bronson, amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million from her multifaceted career.

In contrast, Charles Bronson held a substantial fortune of $65 million at the time of his passing, positioning him among Hollywood’s highest-earning actors, commanding $1 million per movie.

Tendler’s book, “Charlie and Me,” a poignant reflection on her past marriage, garnered significant recognition as essential reading for spouses worldwide.

The book continues to receive praise and high ratings on platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, and Kindle. Impressively, it maintains a premium pricing range, selling at approximately $10 to $16 per physical copy on Amazon.

Charles Bronson’s Cause of Death

The later years for Charles Bronson were marked by declining health. Undergoing hip surgery in August 1998, he eventually chose to retire from his illustrious acting career.

Charles Bronson and Harriet Tendler both have passed away.
Charles Bronson and Harriet Tendler both have passed away. Source: Pinterest

As his health deteriorated, reports initially suggested his demise resulted from pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, his death certificate pointed to respiratory failure and metastatic lung cancer as the causes.

Charles Bronson took his last breath at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and found his final resting place at Brownsville Cemetery in West Windsor, Vermont.

Harriet Tendler, too, faced health challenges. In an interview with WAMG, she disclosed her battles with breast cancer and lung cancer, having undergone three surgeries for a broken femur. Despite these hardships, she navigated through her later years, exhibiting resilience in managing her health struggles.

Is Harriet Tendler Still Alive?

Harriet Tendler, the remarkable and multi-talented personality, passed away on November 1, 2020, at the age of 92. Her son, Tony, confirmed her peaceful passing from natural causes at her California residence.

Following her divorce from Bronson in 1965, Harriet largely led a private life, away from the public gaze. Similarly, also know the current whereabouts of another celebrity ex-wife Debby Clarke Belichick and Keiko Fujimoto.

In 2004, she briefly returned to the spotlight with her book titled “Charlie & Me: Life with My Favorite Bad Boy.” Despite this glimpse into her life, Harriet remained a private individual, prioritizing her family and close connections.

Her departure marked the end of an era for those who cherished her, leaving behind cherished memories. Harriet Tendler will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known her.

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