Emi Canyn, a late American singer, grew in popularity after joining as the lead vocalist for Alice N Thunderland and She Roc. Furthermore, she also worked as a backup vocalist for her ex-husband Mick Mars and his band Motley Crue.

Emi Jo: Former Wife Of Mick Mars

After courting for a while, Canyn, an American beauty with a great voice at the time, began a relationship with Mick Mars, a Motley Crue guitarist. On September 29th, 1990, they tied the knot. There is no additional information regarding Emi Canyn’s relationship with Mick Mars or anybody else. Also, know about Robert Hart.

Emi Canyn
Singer Emi Jo with her ex-husband, Mick Mars
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As is customary, things started well for the new couples in the early stages of marriage, but things quickly deteriorated as they began to have disagreements. Because the couple had no children together, they could split amicably in May 1994, after four years of marriage.

Emi Jo Past Relationships, Sibilings, And Her Pets

The former wife of an American musician is very tight-lipped regarding her personal life. However, this gorgeous singer had a love connection with Marc Nelson, her musician partner, in addition to Mars. She was also linked to Chet Thompson and Paul Taylor, but no major proof of their relationship was ever discovered.

Emi Jo Schmidt
Emi Jo Schmidt
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Emi Schmidt was not Floyd and Eleanor Schmidt‘s only child; she had six siblings, including two sisters, Barbara Reines and Jeri Ovechka, and four brothers, Kenneth Schmidt, H. Douglas Schmidt, Rob Schmidt, and Jon Schmidt.

She had a special spot for animals and considered them to be her best companions. She even had two dogs, Kujo and Gizmo, who were extremely near her heart during her lifetime.

Net Worth Of The Singer, Emi Jo Schmidt

The main vocalist of Canon had a net worth of around $1.6 million. The ex-wife of singer Mick, Canyn’s career took off once she relocated to Los Angeles and joined the band Canon, She Roc, and Alice N Thunderland, all of which she loved.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a backup singer is around $103,723 a year. And as a lead singer annual salary is around $157,782 on average.

Emi performing on the stage
Emi performing on the stage
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However, Mick’s net worth is $70 million. His band Motley Crue recorded nine studio albums, selling over 75 million globally and 25 million in the United States. Aside from album sales, Mars reportedly made a significant amount of money on tour; each Motley Crue tour reportedly grossed $1 million on average.

Death And Memorial Of Emi Canyn

Emi Jo Schmidt departed on February 25, 2017, at 62. At her home in Lacey, Washington, she breathed her final breath quietly. Her parents and a sister, Joan McMahan, died before her.

Later, Canyn’s memorial service was set for April 15 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In honor of Emi’s loving memories, her family, friends, and admirers attended the event.

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