Emilie Vettel is a celebrity kid who rose to popularity due to her father. She is the daughter of famed racing driver Sebastian Vettel. Emilie is the eldest of her three siblings.

Sebastian has won four World Drivers’ Championship championships. Moreover, he won the four championships from 2010 to 2013. Vettel is Formula One‘s youngest World Champion.

Vettel’s Early Life and Family Members

Emilie is the first child of Sebastian Vettel and Hanna Prater, born in January 2014 in Germany. Along her side, she has two younger siblings than her. She loves and cares for her two siblings as the oldest of them.

The eldest child has a one-year-old younger sister, Matilda Vettel. She was born in September of 2015. She also has a younger brother born five years after she was.

Emilie Vettel Cheering up her father, Sebastian Vettel, on his game day
Photo Source: Twitter @Sebastian_Vettel

Vettel and his entire family live in Switzerland, as do many other racers. They have five members in their family. Hanna, their mother, is also a designer.

Prater is not fond of being in the spotlight. Therefore, there is no accurate information available concerning Emilie’s mother. She is a private person like her husband.

Vettel and Prater Relationship Status

Vettel, a four-time World Champion, is one of the most coveted sports figures in the world. Many of his female fans are tempted by this German National, but Vettel gave to his long-term partner Hanna.

Sebastian isn’t also drawn to glamour and glam, even though his career necessitates it. He loves to have time and cannot be away from his family for an extended time. He told in an interview,

The couple lives in a medieval-style farmhouse in Switzerland with their three children. They are romantically in love, but they hadn’t planned about marry at the time.

Emilie’s Parents Are Not Married Yet

Sebastian and Hanna lived together for quite some time but had not married yet. Vettel encountered her for the first time at school, and he swept him away, just like in the movies.

The lovely couple’s fairytale love story began with a friendship. As they grew older, their friendship gradually transformed into love. Soon after, they began a love relationship.

Sebastian Vettel and Hanna Prater on a random event
Photo Source: WTFOOT

Matilda’s parents have been together ever since. Most admirers believe that Vettel should marry. The Public saw the world champion with a ring on his finger, his wedding ring.

Finally, the pair are ready to tie the knot. The happy event may have occurred between the Canadian and French Grand Prix. And they already had three children before their marriage.

Sebastian and Hanna’s Child Net Worth

Emilie is a small beautiful baby. She hasn’t begun to make money yet. Therefore, there isn’t much information about her personal life.

On the other hand, Her father has an income source as a racing driver. He has earned his net worth every time, risking his life. As a result of Vettel’s hard work, he has made a net worth of $14 million.

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Sebastian Vettel Father
Hanna Prater Mother
Fabian Vettel Uncle
Stefanie Vettel Aunty
Melanie Vettel Aunty
Norbert Vettel Grand Father
Heike Vettel Mother