Emily Rose Compagno is an American TV presenter, lawyer, and former NFL cheerleader. Moreover, she currently contributes to an American multinational conservative cable news television channel, Fox News.

She also co-presents the American daytime news Outnumbered and is often seen on the late-night show The Greg Gutfeld Show.

Whom Did Emily Rose Compagno Married

Well, the prominent TV star had been married for almost Quinquennial. To shed light, Emily tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Peter Riley, on September 13, 2017.

The couple secretly wedded at Seattle sidewalk, Hotel Camborne in Ravello, Italy. You may also like to read about other celebrities like Zion Moreno and Joey Diaz.

Moreover, the couple first met in their teenage years and have stayed connected until now. According to Jos and Tree Woodsmith, Compagno and Riley eloped. Jos and Tree are Oregon Wedding Photographers who took pictures of their wedding.

Moreover, the couple photographers are a husband/wife team who clicks on inspiring weddings worldwide.

mily Compagno and her husband, Peter Riley
Emily Compagno and her husband, Peter Riley
Source: Instagram

During the nuptials, Emily wore a white flower-designed bridal gown in which she looked like an absolute angel. On the other hand, bridegroom Peter wore a Navy Blue tuxedo.

Meanwhile, the couple glanced so adorably. Till marriage, Emily was happily living with her husband. However, she remained tight-lipped in front of the media regarding her personal life.

Seemingly, despite being a TV personality, Emily wants to live a low profile and prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

Nevertheless, she had shared some pictures of her husband on Instagram. She posted weekend photos with Peter on the beach of Capri, Italy. Currently, Emily is living a happy life with Peter in the U.S. As of now, they don’t share any children.

What Is The Net Worth Of Emily Rose Compagno?

Talking about Emily’s fortunes, it is obvious that the TV personality is a fortunate woman since she has her stardom in the TV program.

So, how rich is Emily? How much does she earn? And What is her current net worth? In response, this article will briefly read about her financial stuff. So, make sure to read till the end. Well, Emily is one of the highest-paid anchors on Fox News.

When talking about her earning sources, Compagno is a multi-talented lady who has a hand in several professions.

From which she makes most of her riches through her main career of Journalism. As a Co-host of the American daytime news show Outnumbered, she receives an annual salary of $500,000 and a monthly salary of $111,899.

Emily Compagno Car
Emily Compagno Car
Source: Instagram

Apart from it, she likely earns around $84,450 as an attorney. Likewise, she is also a contributor to Fox News Channel, making approximately $75,000 annually. To sum up, Compagno has an estimated net worth of $6 million in 2022.

Consequently, she has accumulated huge wealth from her working field versatilities and diligence and consistency towards her works.

We have shown a pay of Compagno from her daily working company, Fox News. Emily hasn’t disclosed her earnings, income, or financial information to the media.

So, we have added a piece of information we took from the Fox News Channel salary basis. Currently, she is living a modest life in the U.S and projects her net worth to rise significantly in 2022.

Emily Rose Compagno Career

After graduation, Emily began her career as a criminal defense attorney. At the same time, she was also a captain of the Oakland Raiders cheerleading group called Raiderettes.

Subsequently, National Football League (NFL) chose her as a Brand Ambassador of the NFL. Meantime, she furthered NFL in Shanghai and Beijing. The following year, she was called by the USO as five cheerleaders to visit Iraq and Kuwait.

Furthermore, Compagno was a Senior arbitrator for the American Judge John T. Noonan Jr. at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Later on, she served U.S. Social Security Administration as a federal lawyer.

Moreover, she held legal positions in several countries such as Cape town, South Africa, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Journalist Emily Compagno on her set
Journalist Emily Compagno on her set
Source: Instagram

Likewise, In 2018, Emily began to work at Fox News Channel as a contributor and legal analyst. Simultaneously, she also often appeared as a co-host on an American late-night talk show of Fox News, Gutfeld! In the front, Emily used to talk about legal opinions and offerings.

On March 9, 2020, she hosted the first season of the Fox Nation shows Crimes That Changed America.

After years and years of serving on the Fox News Channel, Compagno eventually became a permanent co-presenter of an Outnumbered show on January 25, 2021.

She co-hosts a presentation with two TV hosts, Harris Faulkner and Kayleigh McEnany. On the other hand, she also co-hosts the American panel talk show The Five.

Emily Rose Compagno Spouse, Peter Riley

Peter Riley is a current British poet, essay writer, and article editor. Further, he was also well-known as a Cambridge poet, a squad member independently combined with Jeremy Halvard Prynne, which is widely recognized as a vital label of new poetry in the U.K today.

Additionally, he was a senior editor and major contributor to the 1960s worksheet The English Intelligencer.

Likewise, Riley wrote ten poetry books and numerous small-press booklets. Most importantly, he is a contemporary poetry editor of the most prominent and influential magazine Fortnightly Review.

Consequently, he won Cholmondeley Award in 2012 for his achievement and distinction in poetry. After the marriage, he was also known as Emily Compagno’s husband.

Cambridge Poet, Peter Riley
Cambridge Poet, Peter Riley
Source: Instagram

Now moving to Riley’s early life, he was born in 1940 in Stockport, near Manchester, England. He grew up around hardworking people and was influenced to do work in his childhood days.

He attended Pembroke College, Cambridge and began teaching the high school levels and other occupational things in the U.K.

Subsequently, Peter wrote several studies, such as Jack Spicer T.F. Powys and improvised music poetry, including Transylvanian string brands, lead mines, village carols, and burial mounds.

Likewise, he co-edited the renowned poetry journal The English Intelligencer with the co-editor Andrew Crozier and edited the Collection.

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