Erin Bria Wright is an American Singer and Actress famous for creating the documentary, Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies. Additionally, the documentary was based on the controversial murder case of her late iconic hip-hop star/father, Eazy-E, in 2015. 

Erin Bria Wright is the first-born child of Eric Lynn Wright (Eazy-E) and Tracy Jernigan. Additionally, she has several siblings from her father’s relationships with different women. Besides, she is famous for appearing in the 007 episodes of the ‘MTV’ reality series ‘My Super Sweet 16’. 

Net Worth Of Erin Bria Wright

Although there isn’t any concrete information about Erin Bria’s net worth.

On the other hand, her father, Eazy-E, survived with a net worth of over $50 Million, as per Wikipedia. However, the information is in conflict as some source claims that Eazy had a net worth of over $8 million during his death. 

Erin Bria Wright is a singer and actress by profession. Particularly, a personality like Bria is expected to earn between $40,000-$60,000 as a salary. Also, she is actively involved in social media, and undoubtedly, she is one of the known social media influencers in the country. 

Erin Bria Wright posing with her car
Erin Bria Wright posing with her car,
Source: Instagram @ebie

To be more specific, having almost 90,000 followers on her Instagram account, she earns a decent sum of money. In particular, as per the reports, she is expected to make between $343.5-$572.5 per post-earnings. Besides, Erin lives a lavish life depicted by her Instagram account.  

Eazy-E’s Daughter, Erin Bria’s Personal Life

Turning the pages of her personal life, she has been a very private person. No doubts that she is an absolute charmer and can attract anyone towards her, but she claims us to be single.

She never opened her mouth about her private life, and there are no linkup rumors about her. But, after going through her Instagram, it seems like she is much closer to Jason Mitchell, an American actor who acted as her father in the documentary.

Exploring her Instagram, she posted a video with him celebrating his birthday, giving room to doubt about their relationship. Further, she likes to keep her life behind the curtains. Besides that, she lives her life to the fullest.

Who is Eazy-E?

Eric Lynn Wright, professionally known as Eazy-E, was an American rapper and rap mogul who pioneered West Coast rap and gangsta rap by leading the N.W.A group and its label, Ruthless Records, push the lyrical content limits.

Easy-e New York Post
Easy-e New York Post

Easy-E died on March 26, 1995, due to HIV/AIDS. Further, he was admitted due to a violent cough, and the reports came out as he had AIDS, and he died after a week. But still, it was controversial, and people suspected it of murder too.

Age And Early Life of Erin Bria

Erin Bria was born on July 22, 1991, under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Further, she was born to Tracy Jarnagin and Eric Lynn Wright, Eazy-E, in Compton, California, USA. Further, she has other half-siblings, namely Lil Easy-E, Daijah Wright, and Dominick Wright.

Erin lost her father when she was four, one of the controversial deaths. Further, she was raised by her mother, and she joined the University of California for her acting career.

Eazy-E Father
Tracy Jernagin Mother
Daijah Wright Sister
Lil Eazy-E Brother
Dominick Wright Brother