Estelle Berglin, better known as “Sweafit,” has taken the social media world by storm with her captivating content and charismatic personality. Hailing from Sweden, this budding entertainer has amassed an impressive following of over 761k on Instagram, captivating audiences worldwide with her unique blend of creativity, positivity, and authenticity.

With not one, but two thriving channels—Swealife in English and her self-titled channel in Swedish—Estelle showcases her multifaceted talent and captivating storytelling abilities. From lifestyle vlogs to fashion and fitness tips, Estelle effortlessly captivates her audience, offering a glimpse into her vibrant world.

Join us as we delve into Berglin’s remarkable rise to prominence, exploring her family background, boyfriend, and the extraordinary path that has led her to become one of the most promising entertainment influencers of our time.

Estelle Berglin Early Life: Age, Bio, Family

Estelle Berglin, a talented individual from Umea, has been making waves in the entertainment world. Born on April 26, 1997, in the eastern city of Umea, Estelle spent a significant portion of her life in her hometown. At the age of 25 in 2023, she has already made a name for herself as a Swedish social media sensation.

Estelle Berglin with her younger brother.
Estelle Berglin with her younger brother. Source: Instagram @swealife

Estelle has amassed a dedicated following with her captivating content and engaging presence. Her nationality is Swedish, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, Estelle’s journey from Umea to becoming a rising star showcases her determination and talent, captivating audiences and leaving them eager to see what she accomplishes next.

Meet Her Father, Joakim Berglin

Estelle’s father, Joakim Berglin, is a marketing and sales manager at Dignita AB. He has been associated with the company since 2010. Prior to his current role, Joakim worked as a marketing manager for Kommuninfo AB and as a sales director for TDC Försäljning AB.

While information about Estelle’s father is available, details about her mother are not widely known or mentioned in the media. The focus has primarily been on Estelle’s own rise to prominence as a social media star.

Estelle Is A Big Sister

Estelle Berglin shares a close bond with her younger brother, William Berglin. William completed his graduation in June 2020, and Estelle proudly shared a series of photos from his convocation, celebrating his achievement. The siblings have a strong relationship, and William has also made appearances in several of Estelle’s YouTube videos.

Their shared moments and camaraderie have been documented on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their close-knit bond. As Estelle continues to make her mark in the world of social media, it’s evident that her family, including her brother William, plays a significant role in her life and provides a source of support and love.

Meet Estelle Berglin’s Magician Boyfriend

Estelle and Julius Dein began their relationship in late August 2019. Their love story was commemorated when Julius shared a heartfelt post on Facebook, celebrating their one-year anniversary on August 26, 2020. In the post, he expressed his admiration for Estelle, describing her as his “gorgeoussss diamond amazing girlfriend” who stole his heart during one of his shows in Sweden.

The couple celebrated their anniversary in the picturesque city of Cancún, Mexico. While there haven’t been recent public appearances or shared photos, there have been speculations that they are still together and choosing to keep their relationship more private.

Julius Dein with his girlfriend.
Julius Dein with his girlfriend. Source: Pinterest

Julius Dein, Berglin’s boyfriend, hails from London, England. He attended the Jewish Free School in Kenton and later pursued his education at King’s College London. During this time, Julius discovered his passion for performing magic and began showcasing his talents at various events. He also started uploading street magic videos, captivating audiences with his mind-bending illusions.

Just like Estelle, Julius has amassed a significant fan following on his social media platforms. With over seven million Instagram followers and nearly one million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, Julius has become a prominent figure in the world of magic and entertainment. His Instagram following exceeds 6.8 million, showcasing the immense popularity he has achieved.

Estelle’s Net Worth: A Million-Dollar Social Media Success

Berglin has achieved an estimated net worth of $1 million through her flourishing social media career. With a substantial following on Instagram, she has capitalized on sponsored posts, leveraging her influence to generate significant earnings.

The social media influencer enjoys a net worth of $1 million.
The social media influencer enjoys a net worth of $1 million. Source: Instagram @swealife

Additionally, Berglin’s YouTube channel, featuring promotional videos and engaging content, contributes significantly to her net worth. Sources indicate that Estelle earns an impressive monthly income of over $12,000 from her YouTube endeavors.

Through her entrepreneurial ventures and social media prowess, Estelle has established herself as a successful figure in the digital landscape, amassing both fame and fortune.

Estelle Berglin: Building a Thriving Career as a Social Media Influencer

Following her high school graduation, Estelle embarked on a successful career in the world of social media. With over 761k followers on Instagram as of 2023, Estelle has captivated a significant audience with her engaging content. She has collaborated with renowned brands, frequently sharing sponsored photos on her Instagram profile.

In addition to her Instagram presence, Estelle has established herself as a content creator on YouTube. With two channels catering to different languages, her self-titled YouTube channel in Swedish and Swealife in English, Estelle has garnered a substantial following.

As of 2023, Estelle boasts more than 21k subscribers on her eponymous channel and 169k subscribers on Swealife. Her content predominantly revolves around beauty, fashion, health, and fitness, captivating viewers with her insights and expertise.

Estelle’s social media following received a significant boost when she appeared in one of her boyfriend Julius Dein’s films. In the video, she showcased a water glass stunt, further solidifying her presence and gaining recognition among wider audiences.

Inspiring Fitness Enthusiasts as a Dubai-Based Trainer

Beyond her social media stardom, Estelle dons the role of a fitness trainer in the vibrant city of Dubai. With her dedicated fitness Instagram account, Sweafit, she has amassed a loyal following of 119k fitness enthusiasts.

Estelle is also a fitness trainer.
Estelle is also a fitness trainer. Source: Instagram @swealife

Embracing her passion for health and well-being, Estelle describes herself as a “Personal Trainer” in her Instagram bio, striving to inspire her followers to lead healthier and happier lives, exuding radiance from within.

Prior to her fitness endeavors, Estelle honed her creative skills as a former content designer at STRONGER, a prominent women’s clothing store.

Social Media Handles

Estelle Berglin, the social media sensation, has established a strong presence across multiple platforms, allowing her followers to join her on her exciting journey. On Instagram, her handle @swealife boasts a verified account with an impressive following of 760K, where she shares 927 posts highlighting her adventures and personal style.

Estelle Berglin enjoys a huge amount of followers.
Estelle Berglin enjoys a huge amount of followers. Source: Instagram @swealife

With a passion for travel, Estelle also runs a dedicated travel account, @sweatravl, allowing her followers to explore the world through her eyes. Additionally, her fitness journey is showcased on the Instagram account @sweafit, where she inspires her audience to lead healthier and happier lives.

On TikTok, her handle @swealife has garnered over 481.1K followers and 7.2M likes, captivating viewers with her engaging content. Finally, on her YouTube channel Swealife, Estelle has amassed 169K subscribers, offering a diverse range of captivating content.

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