Josh Williams is a regular kid as well as a celebrity child. He rose to fame after the name of his beautiful, loving celebrity mother. His mother, Lia Williams, is a famous, talented, hard-working British actress.

Lia Williams is a British actress and director as well. In addition, she earned fame due to her stage, film and tv works. Nonetheless, people mainly recognized her for her role as Wallis Simpson in The Crown.

Early Life, Education and Family of Josh

Josh was born in the United Kingdom; however, his exact birth date and place are unavailable. Also, his biological father is unknown, and he lived with his single struggling mom till her second marriage.

Williams was born to Lia Williams and her unknown husband. On the other hand, he lives happily with his mother and step-father with good bonds. More than that, he is living a happy and lavish lifestyle.

Regarding his education, Lia’s son went to University in Hampstead; however, their no information about his graduation. Over that, at 16, he wanted to create his parent-free in the West Hampstead pad.

There is no information about his movies and films, but there is a piece of information that he has played in some of the movies. Therefore, he is also a talented early child actor like her beautiful mother.

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Josh William’s Mother’s Second Married Life Highlights

Lia Williams is in a marital relationship with her beloved handsome, celebrity husband, Guy Hibbert. Furthermore, he is a screenwriter and producer as well by his profession. He is a talented person.

The lovely couple tied their knot in a private ceremony in the presence of their family and closest friends. Then, people later found that the couple shares a happy and healthy marital bond in their personal life.

Lia Willaims and Guy Hibbert pose for a beautiful photo, smiling and having their lovely precious time together.
Photo Source: Camden New Journal

Hibbert and Williams’ love story is likelier to the movies because both belong to the same fraternity. Therefore, it is obvious they often meet and interact in the industry. They began dating in a short period.

It isn’t right or wrong, but their professional bonding plays a vital role in their relationship. Josh’s parents never share arguments and fights. Therefore, they are happy and are living a good bond relationship.

Proposal From Guy

In 2005, Willaims shared her romantic fantasy when one of Shakespeare’s expected plays, ‘As You Like It’s, outstretched in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Then. she received beautiful applause from the audience.

And at the same moment, Guy met her backstage and proposed. She does not react as much as expected. Another perfect time was when she was in her wedding dress for her stage show, about to perform.

The actress recalled the moment and said she was still buzzing from the performance and could not remember much of it. And she added she was reading her lips only. She was focused on her performance.

The lovely couple has been together since then without any sign of rumors, fights and controversies. Further, Lia and her husband have not shared any child, but she has a son from her previous marriage.

Currently, the actress is enjoying her happy and good bond family life with her husband and son. The adorable pair are enjoying the best time of their life. They have made a family as they wanted before.

Williams’ parents also run their own family business production company. The company name is Tilting Ground Productions, and their company is known for producing documentaries and true incident films.

Josh is living a happy and lavish lifestyle with her step-father and mother. His mother shared her son has no false impressions about becoming an actor like her. He knew from an early age about his passion.

Lia’s First Marriage

Before having a married life with Hibbert, Josh’s mother was once in a romantic link with her former spouse. Also, the academy nominated her for a multiple-personality disorder on television in 2004.

On the other hand, there is no more information about her mysterious husband’s identity in the spotlight and in the media. Nonetheless, Williams remembered she married her first husband in her early 20s.

However, the lovely couple could stand a long time with each other and then she divorced at her 30. In addition, the actress share one son with him. Her son is now an actor and talented and hard-working.

Williams and her former spouse named him Joshua ‘Josh’ James. She leads a very peaceful life with her new husband and her son. Moreover, they never had problems or fights with each other to date.

Lia Williams’ Son’s Net Worth

Josh Willaims has no information on the internet. It seems he is a private person who loves to keep his personal life away from the spotlight and the media. He might doesn’t like to face the camera in public.

Talking to his mother, Lia, is a talented, successful and hard-working woman. She has multiple sources of income and has made a healthy wealth throughout her acting career. She has a net worth of $2 Million.

Lia Willaims is looking at the camera with a beautiful little smile while attending a random event.
Photo Source: IMDb

Williams has directed and worked on several hit movies like Feathers, Dirty Weekend, and many others. More than that, she might be receiving $64k to $170k, the estimated salary of a director in the UK.

Lia played a role in the Netflix series, The Crown as Wallis and many people have known her from the series. Likewise, the historical drama web tv series The Crown features lead actors like Andrew Fennell.

Then as the time ran away, besides tv carer, Josh’s mother authored two books with a good sold-out. Her two famous books are So You Want To Disappear: A BBC Radio dramatization with Mark Wheatley and another book, Charles and Mary with Carlo Gebler.

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