Evangelina Cavoli is an American child actress who gained fame for portraying the role of the newly born child of Emily Blunt in the movie titled “A Quiet Place.” She made her debut in this movie, and it is quite certain that the future looks good for the young actress.

Even though Cavoli was a child during this movie, she has been able to earn a name and fame for herself. Her presence alone in the movie attracted many viewers, which shows the aura she was radiating from her screen presence.

Let’s know more about Evangelina Cavoli. Who is Evangelina? How did she rise to fame?

Early Life

Cavoli was born on 12 July 2017 in the United States of America. As of now, Evangelina Cavoli is five years old. She belongs to the White ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Her parents raised her with love and care in the United States of America.

Young Cavoli Twins. Source: Instagram

Any information regarding the famous child actress’s parents is not available on the internet. However, information about her having a twin brother is all over the internet. His name is Ezekiel Cavoli. They both share a close relationship with each other as they spend most of their time with each other.

The bond between the Twins

It is always a special bond between the siblings. You get to create many memories with each other, which will definitely last throughout your life. It is the same situation with the Cavoli twin as well. They have a special bond with each other, allowing them to create good memories with each other.

Evangelina Cavoli with Ezekiel Cavoli. Source: Instagram

Even though Evangelina has made a name for herself through her appearance in the movie, she still has the same bond with her brother. Her fame and popularity haven’t brought any issues between them, which clearly shows the bond they have with each other.


There is no information about Cavoli’s educational background available on the internet. Since she is still a child, it is understandable, and this is something everyone needs to respect as well.

However, it is quite easy to assume that Cavoli might be attending a kindergarten or a primary school based on her age. She is someone who enjoys learning, and no doubt, her interest in education will grow with time.

The Rise of Cavoli’s Fame

The talented child actress has been in the limelight for quite some time now. This is not something that she received out of nowhere. She totally deserves all the love and fame she is getting as of now. So how did she receive such fame?

Everything started after Cavoli’s appearance in the movie titled “A Quiet Place.” She portrayed the role of a newborn child of Emily Blunt, the lead actress in “A Quiet Place.” The movie was co-written and co-directed by Scott Beck, Bryan Woods, and John Krasinki.

The movie is about the father, John Krasinki and mother, Emily Blunt, who goes through various struggles to raise their kids under the presence of an unknown alien. Cavoli makes her entrance during the main plot of the movie.

A Quiet Place (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

The plot follows the Abbott family, who is isolated in the forest and learn sign language for survival. When the father dies, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) tries to go back to normal life while being pregnant.

However, she makes a sound during a scene because of which the alien starts following them. That is when Cavoli makes her appearance as baby Abbott.

What does Cavoli’s future look like?

Things are looking good for the talented child actress. Being involved in the entertainment industry at such a young age is in itself a proud moment.

Even though we didn’t see much of her potential, there is no doubt about the bright future that awaits her.

Cavoli’s appearance in the movie “A Quiet Place” has only paved a path for future projects. It may take some time, but if she works hard and is passionate about her career, she will definitely make it to the top. Read more about Child Actress.

The difference between a successful person and a normal person is hard work and passion. If a person can put forth these two things in work, then things are looking good.

The same goes with the Cavoli as well. But only time will tell how successful she will be in the entertainment industry.

Is Cavoli dating someone?

The rise in fame and popularity does bring a lot of rumors. However, it is quite obvious that the child actress is single as of now. Since she is still a child, it is understandable that she is not involved in any kind of romantic relationship.

The rumor about Cavoli’s love life shouldn’t even exist as she is still long away from reaching the age of understanding the meaning of a romantic relationship. When the time comes, things will change but until then this shouldn’t even be a question about her.

Social Media

Cavoli is quite young to have a social media account but to everyone’s surprise, she does have an Instagram. But it seems like her account is handled by her parents. It is quite understandable based on her age.

Evangelina Cavoli eating a candy. Source: Instagram

The Twins share the same Instagram account under the name @babyabbott_agp. They have 1,192 followers and have made 115 posts until now. They are quite active on social media as they share lifestyle pictures or anything regarding Evangelina’s projects.

Net Worth

If it were someone else of the same age, then they would have relied on their parents for money. But things are quite different for the child actress.

Even though she can rely on her parents for money, she doesn’t have to do that. Because of her appearance in the movie, she has been able to add some money to her fortune.

Cavoli’s net worth is estimated to be around $30,000 as of 2022. The vast majority of her net worth comes from her involvement in the entertainment industry. Undoubtedly, things will improve in the future, but as it stands, her net worth is suitable for someone her age.

Physical Appearance

Looking at Cavoli’s pictures, it can be determined that she is fit and healthy in terms of health. She has a beautiful smile that has the ability to cheer the whole room. She has a hazel eye color and brown hair color which suits her face structure quite well.

Even though she is just five years old, she is already 3 feet (92 cm) tall and 18 kg (40 lbs). She has the perfect body weight as per her height.

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