Gary Wade Tedder, aka Gary Tedder, is a board member of several state and national charity organizations, including Ambassadors of Compassion and the March of Dimes.

Ryan Tedder is Gary Tedder’s son. Not to mention, he is one of this generation’s most successful musicians, composers, and producers.

Gary Tedder Is In A Marital Relationship With Marlene Cunningham

Gary seems to keep his personal information private. Hence, there is not much information about his love life. Only the fact that he is married to Marlene Cunningham. She was a school teacher while he was a musician.

Gary Tedder
Gary’s wife Marlene and Ryan are at the beach sunbathing
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Whereas his son Ryan is married to Genevieve Tedder. Ryan acknowledged and praised his wife in the liner notes of OneRepublic’s debut album Dreaming Out Loud. They have two boys, Adam, Ashley, and Austin Clark. You may like to read: Douglas Jackson and Roger Jenkins

Tedder’s third cousins, who are in the band Sons of Sylvia, were previously in The Clark Family Experience. His song “Love Left to Lose” was co-written with them.

Net Worth Of Gary Tedder

With 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a board member of several states, his net worth might be around a million. However, Gary keeps his earnings to himself.

According to an American Express poll, the average entrepreneur’s income is only $68,000, a small decrease from the previous year. Payscale estimates that the figure is closer to $72,000.

Gary Tedder
Gary Tedder with his son
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In addition, Gary’s son Ryan from OneRepublic is worth a lot of money. Tedder has acquired a $145 million net worth through songwriting.

Because of the $200 million he earned for his song collection, One Republic is worth $145 million. This makes it one of the most significant music library acquisitions since the catalog-sales frenzy began.

Gary Tedder’s Early Life, Age, Wiki

Tedder serves as HIA’s Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Tedder has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business development director. Including as a creative adviser for various businesses, real estate, entertainment, and music.

Gary Tedder
Gary Tedder
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Gary has done many business endeavors during the last 30 years. Moreover, there is a professional sports franchise and an independent sports and entertainment company. He serves on the boards of numerous charity organizations as an advisor.

About Gary Tedder’s Talented Son, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder is the lead singer of the OneRepublic band. Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, and Brent Kutzle are the five members that make up the band. Furthermore, their 2007 single “Apologize” is remixed and re-released on Timbaland’s compilation album.

Gary Tedder
Ryan and Genevieve with their kids in Madrid, Spain
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Timbaland Presents Shock Value, which helped them acquire even more attention. One Republic’s song, “Apologize,” is written by Tedder. As a result, the song set a new US Top 40 Radio Airplay Record of 10,331 spins.

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