Ronnie Turner is the son of two legendary artists, Famous singer Tina Turner and famed musician Ike Turner. Additionally, he is a popular actor in America and a talented musician and a real estate job holder.

Ronnie Turner Siblings

Ronnie has combined six siblings in his life. Craig Raymond is a stepbrother of him from his mom’s side. They made out a strong brothers bond between them. However, Craig committed suicide on 3rd July 2018. As of police investigation, he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Ronnie Turner
Ronnie Turner with his siblings
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As a source, he was unfamiliar with his family, and Craig was depressed from his family’s financial issues, leading to a horrible act. Apart from his dead sibling, he has other dear siblings to rely on. You might love to read about other actors such as Joely Collins and Gary Busey.

Ronnie’s siblings, Ike Turner Jr, Mia Turner, Twanna Turner, Micheal Turner, and Linda Trippeter, are his father’s sons and daughter. Among them, Ike Turner was famous; he was a musician, songwriter, and record producer. He was well-known as Lover Boy.

Ronnie Turner’s Net Worth

According to the study, Ronnie Turner’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, similar to Diane Togovailoa. In the present day, the average salary of an actor in the US is between $17,000-$35,500. But, his actual income in any specific movies and series is $50,529 per tear. The main source of his income is actors.

Ronnie Turner
Ronnie Turner With His Wife
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He is cast in many popular movies. For example, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, Love And Mercy, and Ray. It led upgrown in his fortune. Additionally, He was also earning from his other sources. He earns about $35,000 annually as a musician and $48,930 from being a Real estate broker.

On the other hand, Ronnie was born into a wealthy family. According to their income sources, his mother (American Singer) and father (Musician) estimated a value of $250 million. Although, his father relishes a wealth of $500,000. But, Ronnie prefers to live a simple lifestyle than an elegant and luxurious life.

Ronnie Turner’s Wife

Ronnie Turner fell in love with French-American singer and TV star Afida Turner. After that, they both married each other in 2007. Apart from their wife and husband’s romantic bond. Afida showed the obstacle she has been going through in their relationship through social media.

Ronnie Turner
Ronnie Turner and his wife, Afida Turner
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She revealed that she has been facing many problems while sharing the vows with Ronnie turner. Moreover, she also talks about; he has abused her. After that, Afida wanted to divorce, but his husband, Ronnie, did not seem right in her decision, and he declined the divorce draft.

At last, they concluded their issues with their separation in June 2017. Afterward, they again fell in love and reconciled since then. As of the further report, they live a beautiful and peaceful life, spending time in the U.S. Afida Turner grew up in Auchel, France. She is currently 46 years old as of 2022.

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Afida Turner Wife