Gregory Mecher is a Democratic Party political adviser. He was born in September of 1976. Gregory grew up in Ohio with his parents and attended Catholic prep school Elder High School in Cincinnati.

Mecher has a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and communications. Northern Kentucky University awarded him a bachelor’s degree in 1999. Politics strongly influenced him as a student, and he was heavily active in political games.

Mecher Married Life With Jen Psaki

Gregory and Jen Psaki initially met while working for the DCCC in 2006. He worked as the senior office for Ohio Representative Steve Driehaus and Rep.

When the adviser’s wife gave him the wrong instructions, he first cared for her. In 2006, she delivered it to a national event over the phone.

Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki are looking at the camera for a beautiful photo.
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Mecher can say that directions are not one of his wife’s strong suits. After years of marriage to Jen, Mecher remarked on it.

Rather than being enraged by the situation, the politician quickly forgave Psaki. According to The Washington Post, he thought she was gorgeous. They tied the wedding four years later.

Psaki Thoughts About Her Beloved Husband

Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki have been friends for about 11 years. Moreover, Psaki constantly complimented him during those years and always gave him back support.

For Mecher, Psaki indicated that he is much at ease in his skin. Furthermore, in the Cincinnati Telegraph, Jen said that he is very secure in his skin with who he is.

Psaki’s partner may be in a room with 5-year-olds or a room with millionaires. Therefore, he could be in a room on a factory floor, relaxed, and have a conversation with everyone.

The Lovely Couple Are Blessed With Two Children

Mecher had finally piqued her interest and dared to ask her out. Later, he admitted to being nervous about asking her out, which seemed odd given his age of 30.

After a few Dates, they were increasingly serious about their romance. Psaki stated in the interview that she felt at ease with Mecher.

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Furthermore, the personalities of the two were a fantastic match. Psaki was promoted to serve in Obama’s cabinet, and the two kept their long-distance relationship going.

Following the 2008 election, the two became more comfortable with each other. Mecher proposed to her in 2009, and the couple married the following year. They have two children together.

Jen Psaki’s Husband Career And Net Worth

During his undergraduate years, Gregory commuted from Cincinnati to NKU and lived with his grandparents on occasion. Despite this, he found time outside of college to do extra work.

As a college student, Mecher began working in politics. For two years, he was a member of the student senate. His work at SGA enables him to be considered for a transfer to Washington, D.C.

The famous husband got a job on Capitol Hill and started a political career. He worked as a Chief of Staff for DCCC, collaborating with Steve Driehaus and Patrick Kennedy. He has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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