Halimah Kyrgios is an Australian native. She mostly rose to immense popularity being the eldest sister of tennis champ Nick Kyrgios. Moreover, she is a singer herself who performs overseas in musical theatre.

Apart from singing, she also dances and has given a small sneak peek while practicing on her social media account. Recently, she participated in The Voice. So, did she make it to the finale? How close is she to her brother? Please read the following sections and know your queries.

How old is Halimah Kyrgios? Who are her parents?

Halimah Kyrgios is a charming personality and diva. She has a charismatic voice and is full of energy. Besides, she is also a social media influencer. When was the Kyrgios born? Well, Halimah seems to be around her early thirties, whose actual date of birth is refrained from sharing.

Halimah Kyrgios with her family.
Halimah Kyrgios with her whole family.
Source: Instagram

Further, she was born to Giorgos Kyrgios and Norlaila Krygios in 1989 in Canberra, Australia. Her father is of Greek ancestry, and her mother is a Malay who has royal blood. Thus, Halimah has a mixed ethnicity of Greek and Malay. By profession, her father is a house painter, and her mother is a computer engineer.

On top of this, she is the middle child of her parents. She has one eldest brother Christos Kyrgios and one younger brother Nick Kyrgios. Christos is a fitness trainer and coach with decade-long experience. Nick is the tennis player who won the Murray River Open match last February.

How close is Hamilah Kyrgios to her brother, Nick Kyrgios?

The Kyrgios siblings also grew under the same roof and shared good bonding. Whenever she needs her brother, they are with her physically or virtually. Likewise, when she went for a blind audition in The Voice, her eldest brother went to cheer her up.

The Kyrgios siblings.
The Kyrgios siblings.
Source: Instagram

Although her younger brother couldn’t be with her physically, he cheered her up through video calls. Also, Halimah and her family often watch matches in the stadium to support her brother. They often hang out together with their parents, especially at festivals.

Is The Voice participant is in love with someone?

Currently, the singer seems to be living a single life. There are no such rumors or gossip that suggest Halima is having an affair. Even her social media sites hint that the powerhouse lady is single in her early thirties.

Halimah posed in front of lights
Halimah posed in front of lights.
Source: Instagram.

Despite that, she has previously dated a German-Jamaican tennis player Dustin Brown. The duo was together in 2017. The news came out of nowhere as they were never seen together before that. She has deleted all her posts with Brown after the duo split.

It’s also unclear when and why did they break up. Afterward, Brown was seen dating Dione Gonzales. But, Halimah has not posted nor spoken anything that speculates her romantic involvement with someone. Maybe she is busy with her musical theatre career or doesn’t want to date someone at the moment.

How much net worth does the tennis champ sister hold?

The tennis champ sister has not said anything regarding her income or how much she has as her net worth. She is a good performer who has performed in various staged overseas, but Halimah mostly gained recognition as the sister of Nick and after participating in The Voice.

Halimah posed on the street of Hongkong.
Halimah is having fun photos on the street of Hongkong.
Source: Instagram

The powerful performer couldn’t make it to the finale but left a good impression between her fan and judges of the show. As various sources claim, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She mostly earned her income from musical theatre and even performed on it.

On the other hand, her brother Nick has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He amassed his wealth from his tennis career. Likewise, her assets are also unavailable to the public. Given her earnings and wealth, she might be leading a modest life.

Halimah, an influencer on social media

Halimah is an influencer on social media. She has a massive fan following on Instagram. Halimah regards herself as an artist and resides in Hongkong. Besides, she often posts about her life, family, and singing and dancing passion.

Also, after competing in the singing competition, her fan following was increased enormously. With 54.7 followers on Instagram, her IG page is verified.

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