Harlene Rosen is the first wife of Woody Allen. Rosen’s ex-husband, Woody, is a famous American screenwriter, film director, actor, comedian, musician, and playwright. Further, Woody is a well-known personality known for his screwball and zany romantic comedies. He has received 24 Oscar nominations and won four times.

Moreover, Rosen represents a good wife who has shown care and compassion toward her husband. The couple dated for almost three years and got separated without any controversy.

Who Is The Husband Of Harlene Rosen?

Harlene Rosen is popularly known as the ex-wife of Woody Allen. Allen is a well-known director, writer, actor, and comedian born on December 1, 1935. She got married to Allen when she was just 17 in 1956. Allen was 20 years old at that time. She was his first wife of Allen. Their relationship started souring when Allen began mocking a generic wife on stage and TV.

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Woody Allen with Kristen Stewart.
Woody Allen with Kristen Stewart.
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Unfortunately, their marital life was short-lived. Their marriage ended after three years in 1959. They got divorced in 1963. Also, Allen agreed to pay $75 a week in alimony. In his album Stand-up comic, Allen has mentioned that his ex-wife had sued him for a joke. Also, Allen has been sued for $1million for sexual assault.

So How Rich Is Harlene Rosen?

Harlene Rosen’s net worth estimated isn’t revealed yet. Further, her profession is not available right now. However, she has always been a caring and supportive husband. Moreover, she enjoys a lavish life with the net worth of her celebrity husband, Woody Allen.

After separation from Woody, Rosen received a substantial sum as a part of the divorce settlement. Moreover, her married life with Woody was the subject of considerable attention from the media, and her name Harlene Rosen was frequently mentioned on various platforms.

Woody Allen with his team.
Woody Allen with his team.
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Besides, her ex-husband Woody Allen has a net worth of $140 million. Allen has directed 49 feature films and one short film and written or directed 14 theater productions in 2020.

Likewise, Allen has more than 75 writing credits to his name and over 50 directing credits and nearly 50 acting credits. His film Annie Hall is widely considered one of his best, and it starred him alongside Diane Keaton, one of his frequent collaborators.

More Information About Harlene Rosen

This celebrity ex-wife was born in 1939. However, the exact birth date is not available yet. She was born to her father, Julius Rosen and mother, Judith Rosen. Further, her early life, education, and siblings are not disclosed yet. Moreover, she was a decent wife who was sensitive to the family’s needs and did her best to provide a solution.

Woody Allen with the stars of Hollywood.
Woody Allen with the stars of Hollywood
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Rosen is a kind, generous and honest person. She is a secretive person who prefers to maintain a low profile. Growing up, her father, Julius, had taught her many valuable lessons, specifically to be kind to everyone. And to never give up on anything in her life.

Rosen is a beautiful woman with tinted lips and flushed cheeks. She has dark brown eyes and wavy blonde hair. Further, she has a stunning figure and stands at 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, this beauty queen is always acknowledged by her fans for her looks and talent.

Being such a renowned face, she avoids the limelight and prefers to stay away from social media accounts. She does not prefer to interact with her fans and followers. On the other hand, Rosen’s ex-husband, woody Allen, garnered around 44.5k followers on her Instagram account.

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