Helen Labdon, a former model and writer, captivated hearts with her remarkable journey in the world of fashion and literature.

Born with an innate sense of style and creativity, Labdon quickly made her mark on the runway, captivating audiences with her elegance and grace. Her modeling career propelled her into the spotlight, but it was her talent as a writer that further showcased her multifaceted abilities.

With an eloquent pen, Labdon weaved captivating stories that resonated with readers across the globe. However, beyond her professional accomplishments, Labdon’s personal life, most notably her marriage to acclaimed actor Greg Kinnear and their blissful family, has also garnered attention.

Join us as we delve into the life and achievements of Helen, a woman whose talent and personal journey continue to inspire and captivate.

How Old Is Helen Labdon?

Born on September 6, 1969, in Bracknell, Berkshire, England, Helen embarked on a path that would lead her to captivating realms of modeling and writing. As a proud Virgo, her inherent qualities of diligence and attention to detail shone through in her endeavors.

Growing up in a religious Christian household, Labdon embraced her faith, which has played a significant role in shaping her values and worldview.

While information about her family history and educational background remains limited, Labdon’s remarkable journey has seen her traverse various creative spheres, leaving an indelible mark.

Helen Labdon and Greg Kinnear: First Meet

The enchanting tale of Helen and American actor Greg Kinnear is one that epitomizes the magic of love. Their journey together began in 1994, on the set of a movie where Labdon served as an executive assistant while Kinnear graced the cast. As fate would have it, their paths crossed, sparking a connection that would endure.

After their initial meeting, Labdon and Kinnear embarked on a romantic journey, cherishing each moment and building a strong bond. Five years later, the couple made a momentous decision, choosing to solidify their love and commitment. They took the leap and embraced the next chapter of their lives together, joining hands in marriage.

Helen Labdon and Greg Kinnear’s Wedding

On May 1, 1999, Helen and Greg Kinnear sealed their commitment to one another, exchanging heartfelt vows in the presence of their beloved family and a select few cherished friends. It was a day full of love, joy, and the promise of a lifetime together.

Greg Kinnear and his wife Helen Labdon at The ReelzChannel World premiere of "The Kennedys".
Greg Kinnear and his wife Helen Labdon at The ReelzChannel World premiere of “The Kennedys”. Source: Pinterest

Since that momentous day, Labdon and Kinnear have nurtured their relationship, cultivating a strong and enduring bond. While rumors of a potential divorce once swirled around the couple, they were quickly put to rest. The absence of substantiated proof and the couple’s own denial brought a halt to any speculation, reaffirming the solidity of their union.

In a world often mired in controversy, Labdon and Kinnear have managed to gracefully steer clear of unfavorable situations. Their private lives remain shielded from prying eyes, with no records indicating any extramarital affairs or relationships for Labdon.

She Is The Mother of Two Daughters And A Son

Helen Labdon and Greg Kinnear’s path to parenthood has been full of both profound loss and immense joy. Following a heartbreaking miscarriage during their first pregnancy, the couple faced the pain of losing their unborn child. However, their unwavering love and commitment to one another allowed them to move forward together as a united front, transcending their grief.

Their resilience was rewarded when, in September 2003, Labdon and Kinnear welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lily Kathryn. The arrival of their precious daughter brought immeasurable happiness and renewed hope into their lives.

Greg Kinnear with his wife.
Greg Kinnear with his wife. Source: Pinterest

Building upon their joy, three years later in June 2006, Labdon gave birth to their son, Audrey Mae, further expanding their family. Celebrating their fifth anniversary in 2009, the couple experienced another miracle as they welcomed their third child, daughter Kate Grace.

While deeply devoted to their children, Helen and Greg also recognize the importance of carving out time for themselves as a couple. They enjoy occasional getaways, taking short breaks from their parental responsibilities to nurture their own bond. The couple frequently recommends the idyllic British Virgin Islands for vacations, although Greg acknowledges that reaching the destination from Los Angeles can be challenging with multiple flights and a boat trip.

Greg Kinnear has often expressed his admiration for Helen’s fulfillment as a loving mother and wife, emphasizing that success in their careers or worldly achievements pales in comparison to the joy and contentment she finds in her roles.

How Much Is Helen’s Net Worth?

Labdon has made a substantial income through her modeling and writing career. According to Forbes, her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million. However, specific details about her salary are not disclosed on social media platforms.

Considering the estimated average salary for a magazine writer, which is around $56,500, it can be presumed that her earnings are likely above or around this amount on an annual basis.

In contrast, Helen’s husband, Greg Kinnear, is an accomplished American actor with a notable net worth of $20 million same as Casey Bean‘s father Billy Bean. Kinnear gained recognition for his role in the critically acclaimed film “As Good as It Gets,” which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Throughout the 90s and 2000s, Kinnear appeared in a variety of notable films, including “Sabrina,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “Nurse Betty,” “Someone Like You,” “We Were Soldiers,” “Auto Focus,” “Stuck on You,” “Robots,” “Little Miss Sunshine”, and “Misbehaviour” alongside Emma D’Arcy.

Real Estate Ventures

In 2001, Greg Kinnear and his wife Helen made a significant real estate purchase, acquiring a home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood for $3.6 million. Interestingly, the property was previously owned by rock singer Meat Loaf. Sixteen years later, in 2017, they added to their real estate holdings on the same block, purchasing another home for $3 million.

Their first home in the area, which they listed for sale in September 2020, showcases luxurious features and desirable living space. Spanning approximately 5,100 square feet, the property boasts five bedrooms and a gated perimeter for added privacy and security.


Helen Labdon has embarked on a diverse and multifaceted career, although her personal life has often taken center stage. Her foray into the professional world began at the age of nineteen when she entered the modeling industry. Her debut photoshoot for Praline Magazine in 1989 marked the start of her modeling career.

Labdon also worked with prominent modeling agencies such as David Statue by Michelangelo. However, her modeling career garnered less attention, leading her to shift gears and explore other pursuits. Also, read to know about Maggie Sajak‘s career.

Discovering her passion for writing, Helen transitioned into a career as a writer. She began crafting stories, including short stories and periodicals, showcasing her unique creative voice.

Helen Labdon and her husband Greg Kinnear.
Helen Labdon and her husband Greg Kinnear. Source: Pinterest

Labdon’s talent extended beyond writing as she ventured into screenwriting, contributing to notable projects such as The Jinx mini-series: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, a gripping documentary, as well as the widely acclaimed horror-thriller Embrace of the Vampire.

Helen’s creative output expanded further to the realm of theater. Her play, “I Won’t Back Down,” has gained recognition and is currently being promoted and distributed. Additionally, she made her musical debut in the Netflix production of “Little Busters.”

Labdon has also taken on various roles behind the camera, working as an executive and assistant director in some films. She was acknowledged with special thanks in the documentary “Capturing the Friedmans” (2003), showcasing her involvement in different aspects of the filmmaking process.

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