Chaney Jones is a famous American Model, Tv personality and social media influencer. She is more popular for being the current girlfriend of the Globally Famous Musician Kanye West.

The American Model was born on August 21, 1998, in the United States of America. She started her career as an Instagram model, and currently, she has 470K followers on Instagram.

The Instagram model has spent lots of money for her surgical procedure to look like the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, i.e., Kim Kardashian. She is also a TikTok star with followers of 50K.

Jones Early Life Before her Successful Career

Chaney Jones was very good at studying and other activities in her school days. She achieved the Carpenter’s Trophy in 2014, and she also competed in a hockey competition for her school.

The Tiktok model used to work as a volunteer in Olympics. As she was so active in outdoor activities, she used to get spotlighted. She was also a member of the community leaders of America.

After finishing school, she represented her college in more than thirty national games. While in college, she decided to start her career as an Instagram and TikTok model.

At first, she uploaded her video musically by lip-syncing on social platforms. She is so gorgeous and talented that she slowly got the audience’s attention.

Net-worth, Lifestyle and Property of Chaney Jones

Talking about the net worth of Chaney jones, she has been successful in earning a networth of 30 Million US Dollars. Except modeling, she also runs her own company that provides health treatment.

She provides counseling related to health and fitness at her company, which helps people with their fitness health. Thus, she runs a successful health and fitness business engaged in mental health.

In her company’s Portfolio, she mentioned, ”I Feel as though counseling and behavioral health treatment is a healthy activity for everyone improve in their everyday life and I look forward to working with you.”

When it comes to the model’s automobile collection, she adores all of the different models. Chaney has three cars in his collection. Chaney owns high-end automobiles that she paid for herself.

Jones recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT for $780,000. She also has one Jaguar XF in her collection, which cost her $125,000. She paid $210,000 for her first car, a Range Rover Sport.

As the model is now more famous for being the girlfriend of Kanye West, she has gained more attention from other modeling brands. Thier relationship started when Chaney slid into Kanye DMS.

She has a tattoo inked on her whole body parts to look more attractive, making her more model. She has tattooed pretty things in her back, shoulder and thighs, making her more attentive.

Being an Instagram model, businesswoman and a girlfriend of Kanye, she is making enough money for a luxurious lifestyle. Her wealth will almost certainly increase in the following days due to her passion.

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