Paul McCay is a DJ and music producer from Derry specializing in techno and progressive music. The majority of people knew him as Jamie Lee O’Donnell‘s beloved. They haven’t completed the transaction and are continuing down the road.

Jamie is an Irish actress best known for portraying Eva Maguire in the film 6degrees. However, she rose to prominence when she masterfully played Michelle Mallon in the comedy show.

Paul McCay & Jamie-Lee O’Donnel Love Life

McCay is a good friend of Jamie-Lee, the charming actress. Derry is also the hometown of the actress’s boyfriend. He began making music for his career when he was young and has dabbled in various musical genres, including Trance, Prog, House, and others.

The DJ’s girlfriend met Paul in Derry through mutual connections. They weren’t absorbing before they met, but they were excellent friends. The friendship evolved into something else in the end. According to the American actress, she and her partner are content with their life.

Paul McCay wearing green check shirt and Jamie-Lee ODonnell wearing red check shirt
Paul McCay and Jamie-Lee ODonnell are posing for a photo
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Jamie hasn’t followed each other on any social media platforms, and they haven’t shared any images of themselves. Perhaps they are opposed to publicizing their love lives on interpersonal communication platforms.

The site further said that the duo has a spare room to keep a set of decks and their record collection, which they enjoy. After finishing her studies, O’Donnell returned to her hometown to film Derry girls.

Paul McCay Career & Net Worth

Paul also has a weekly digital recorded cast called Mind Xposure, which has a visiting opening once a month. As a result, he may make a lot of money from the show.

In his childhood, the techno DJ had a strong affinity for music. He tried several musical styles as a teenager. He may perfect his mixing and broaden his understanding of musicians. The actress’s partner worked bartending at the Maldron Hotel in Derry.

How much is Paul McCay's Net Worth? Jamie-Lee O'Donnel's Husband
Paul McCay
Source: SoundCloud

McCay has not shared her profit and has kept his assets hidden. If all else is equal, he might make a decent living from his profession; the maker/music DJs are available on SoundCloud.

DJ’s salary is EUR77k per year, according to @salarybands. In addition to his DJing profession. Paul is the host of a podcast that has grown to 37 episodes as of this writing, and he announced the launch of his show in April 2017. He has made a net worth of $700k.

Jamie-Lee O’Donnel Career & Net worth

The actress who plays Screw has been performing since elementary school. She studied performing arts at a university in Bedfordshire and spent several years in London to pursue her goals.

On 6Degrees, she made her on-screen acting debut as Eva Maguire, Paul’s charming lover. She’s also been in several viral TV movies and episodes.

Jamie-Lee O'Donnel
Jamie-Lee O’Donnel
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Jamie-Lee is now acting as Shelly O’Keith in Kyle Shevrin’s comedy “Unwanted,” which stars Lamorne Morris and Billy Magnussen. The show follows Ben and Grant attempting to apprehend Shelly O’Keith, a convicted murderer who has eluded arrest despite offering a $1 million reward for his apprehension.

Derry Girl’s actress lived in Manchester before coming home to direct Derry Girls, where she currently resides. She has made a net worth of $3 million.

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