Jess, a TikTok celebrity, has yet to marry. When it comes to her relationship, she is a private person. Tow Truck Jess, Jessica Tara Middlebrook, is a tow truck driver from the United States. Jess catapulted to internet stardom in a short period.

Truck Jess Relationship

Tow Truck When it comes to her personal life, Jess is quite mysterious. It is unknown whether she is married or not. Nonetheless, she is in a romantic connection with her partner. Furthermore, the TikTok celebrity has not disclosed any information regarding her relationship with her fans or the media.

She does, however, post a photo of herself with her partner on Instagram. This lovely, industrious lady is also the mother of three children from previous relationships. There is no information on her eldest child accessible. Her middle child, Aryan, was born as a male, while her youngest daughter, Maggie, was born as a female.

Jess with her lover and family
Jess with her lover and family Image: Instagram

She had a beautiful life with her ex-lover and her adorable child. Now she is in another relationship with a mysterious guy. They also appear to be content and enjoy one other’s company. They are living the happiest life together.

Net Worth Of Tow Truck Jess 

Jessica Middlebrook has maintained an average overall amount throughout her career. Her net worth is around $800,000. Tow truck drivers in North Carolina make an average of $50,909 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Jessica Tara
Jessica Tara Image: Instagram

Jess makes a living as a professional tow truck driver. On the other hand, she receives between $232.5 and $387.5 for each sponsored Instagram post. In addition, she makes $960 to $1,600 for each TikTok video.

Jess Being Arrested After An Accident Caused By Her Tow Truck

Jess Being Arrested After An Accident Caused By Her Tow Truck. Police apprehended the 36-year-old socialite after her motorbike collided with her Tow Truck. Also, know about Reggie Couz.

Patricia Willard was killed in the incident, and her husband, Jerry Willard, was brought to the hospital in critical condition. Her truck was parked in an uncomfortable area, according to police investigations.

Middlebrook Image: Instagram

As a result, she was charged by the police with involuntary homicide and improper parking. Jess’s admirers started a GoFundMe page to aid her with legal expenses. Tow Truck Jess’ Fund Me campaign collected $34,864 of the $50,000 target.

Early Life Of TikTok Star Tow Truck Jess

This TikTok star got her start in the industry as a tow truck driver. She worked for Bobby’s Friendly Towing & Recovery in Greensboro, North Carolina, a towing and recovery firm. Also, know about Jennifer Diaz.

Nevertheless, she had been with the firm for a while. The company has provided affordable and dependable towing services in Greensboro, including car towing and roadside assistance.

Furthermore, she soared to fame after Jess began making short videos and posting them on the video-sharing app TikTok. Her popularity skyrocketed in a short period. Her TikTok videos mostly feature comedic routines, mini-vlogs, lip-syncing, and religious preaching.

Jessica’s TikTok fame peaked at the time when she had over 600,000 followers and over 163.9 million video views in total.

Age, Physical Appearance

Jessica Tara Middlebrook was born in the United States on February 5, 1985. She is 37 years old and resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, as of 2022. Jessica is a single mother of three kids. Also, know about Slimedupmike.

Jessica Image: Instagram

While her eldest son’s name has not yet been revealed, her middle kid, a son, is called Aryn, and her youngest daughter is named Magie. She stands 5’5 ft tall and weighs around 52 kg. Aryn’s mother has hazel eye color.

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