Vine became a popular app in 2013 and has served as a springboard for many modern influencers. As a result, Reggie Cousar, also known as Reggie Couz, was an enormous Viner during the app’s peak. He later moved on to other social networks, such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

We may have laughed at the hilarious creator’s sketches, but do we know anything about his life? Let’s look at his Career, Personal Information, and Net Worth!

Reggie Couz; TikTok, Vines, and Early years!

Reggie COUZ was born on July 1, 1994, in New Jersey, North America. Cruz was the first and only child in the family. He was born into a typical New Jersey family that was not initially supportive of his career choices.

The 28 years, old star’s family was eventually persuaded and began to support his life choices after he started earning money. In New Jersey, the social media sensation attended his local high school. However, the TikTok star has not revealed anything about his family or personal life on the internet.

Reggie Couz at his early age.
Reggie Couz at an early age.
Image Source: @Reggie Couz

In terms of his online journey, he started a Vine account in May 2013 and quickly grew a massive fan base. The talented star made countless characters on his Vine videos, so his Mr. Johnson sketch went viral among his followers.

During its peak, Reggie gained a massive 3.9 million followers. After the vine app was closed, he moved to YouTube in October 2013. Currently, his channel Reggie COUZ has an enormous following of 1.4 Million. Also, know the net worth of Destiny Fomo.

More about the Social Media Star!

Talking about Viner’s traits, as of 2022, he stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and 4 inches. Furthermore, he weighs around 65 kilograms. Currently, he is 28 years of age. Reggie belongs to American Nationality and belongs African-American Ethnicity. The rapper wannabe has big black eyes and short black hair. Moreover, his Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Reggie Couz on Set.
Image Source: @Reggie Couz

The famous YouTuber has an official Instagram account called reggiecouz, which has 2.2 million followers. In addition, the widely known account has 1160 posts and currently follows 1681 people. Furthermore, his TikTok account has an impressive 904.4 thousand followers and a massive ratio of over 12.8 million. He usually posts funny sketches and short clips on TikTok. Besides, he is currently living in Los Angeles for his online work. Also, get to know about Danielle Galligan.

How Much Is Reggie Couz Net Worth?

Being one of the most powerful social media influencers in the United States has advantages. Reggie Couz has a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2022. As the TikTok star came from humble beginnings, becoming a millionaire at 28 is an example of the American Dream. Furthermore, according to SocialBlade, he earns $326-$5.2k per month and $3.9k-$62.7k per year from his YouTube account.

Reggie Couz on a car.
Image Source: @Reggie Couz

Adding to his revenue streams, he has millions of fans on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, which generated massive engagement rates. Consequently, the young influencer is approached by brands, for instance, Sound cloud, Cameo, Footlocker, and much more. In addition, he produces his music beats and songs, which he uploads on his YouTube channel. He has owned luxurious cars and traveled to exotic places from his earnings. Know the net worth of Jessica Goch.

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