Slimedupmike is a Tiktok star from the United States. He also plays basketball. He became famous for his lip-syncing and dancing. On Tiktok, he posts videos of popular tunes. Similarly, for his fascinating videos, he has cooperated with numerous TikTok stars. Is Slimedupmike Dating? Michael Chong is currently single. He is currently not dating anyone. […]

Emily Black

Emily Black is a British Instagram model, Youtuber, Fashion Model, Social Influencer, and a Tiktok Star. Moreover, She is famous for her alluring body figure and her cute face. She is popular on various sites of social media, including Tiktok and Instagram. Who Is Emily Black Boyfriend? Emily Black is one of the gorgeous Instagram […]

Lexi Rivera

With a massive presence in the online domain, Alexa Brooke Rivera is a rising social media star. Furthermore, her comedic sketches and vlogs are very popular. Lexi’s relationship is always a hot topic amongst her fanbase. At the young age of 18, the reality star has managed to become a social muser and huge Influencer. […]

Piper Rockelle

Being a social media star commands immense talent and a thick skin, despite it may look easy to pursue. Constantly, Piper Rockelle Smith is an American Singer, Actor, and Influencer, who has managed to win the heart of her viewership. The 13-year-old has managed to star in Tv series, became a TikTok star, and garnered […]

DeVore Ledridge

A career in social media is a new trend pioneered in North America. Consequently, Katherine Devore Ledridge, aka DeVore Ledridge, is a Disney actor and a booming influencer. She has garnered a massive audience through her social network and media. In addition, she is also famous for portraying the role of Amelia Duckworth on the […]

Reggie Couz

Vine has been a gateway for many modern influencers, as it became a mainstream app in 2013. Consequently, Reggie Cousar, better known as Reggie Couz was a huge Viner at the app’s peak. Later on, he moved to other social networks, for instance, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. We may have seen the funny creator […]

Lovely Peaches

Lovely Peaches is a social media influencer. However, she is attached to a bunch of scandals. To put it lightly. Moreover, the controversies regarding the said influencer. Peaches managed to gain a lot of attention over the years. And not all of them are positive. The young lady stalked other social media influencers and even […]

Olivia Ponton

Olivia Ponton is best recognized as a TikTok Star. Furthermore, her influence grows on other social media sites. Moreover, her Instagram account grows every day. Similarly, she joined WILHELMINA models recently. The social media star stands at a decent height. Likewise, she holds unprecedented beauty. So, she managed to steal the heart of many of […]

Quinton Griggs

Quinton Griggs gained his fame through the TikTok app. Furthermore, his most recognizable feature used to be his hair. Moreover, his hair seemed to defy gravity itself! Griggs recently became the talk of the town because of his breakup. Moreover, he used to date a fellow TikTok star, Cynthia Parker. However, Quinton remains silent regarding […]

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