Jessica Tara Middlebrook, also known as Tow Truck Jess, is a well-known American personality and a social media sensation who rose to prominence after posting funny videos on her TikTok account. Her Instagram account has millions of followers, and many people admire and enjoy her videos.

She started her career as a truck driver before becoming a TikTok user and uploading videos to her account. On her Social Media accounts, Tow is famous for her comedic humor, lip-syncing, and other videos. She was born in the United States on February 5, 1985, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jess catapulted to internet stardom in a short period.

Relationship Status of The TikTok Star and Baby Daddy

Tow Truck Jess is a very private person in her personal life; she has denied stories about her dating life. She avoids speaking openly about herself in public. Despite this, she has a loving relationship with her partner. Furthermore, the TikTok star has kept her relationship with her public secret. Also, read about Lil Huddy’s relationship, family, e.t.c.

She did, however, share an Instagram snapshot of herself and her partner. This gorgeous, hardworking woman is also the mother of three children from her Baby Daddy. Aryan, her second kid, was born as a boy, while Maggie, her youngest daughter, was born as a girl.

Tow Truck with her Boyfriend and Family
(Image source: Instagram @towtruckjess)

The TikTok star’s eldest child’s information isn’t available. She had a lovely lifestyle with her Baby Daddy and her wonderful child. She’s now in a new relationship with a mysterious man. They appear to be happy and enjoy one other’s company as well. They are having the time of their lives together.

The TikTok Star, Middlebrook Accident

Jessica Tara Middlebrook, a mother of three, was injured in an accident on April 27, 2019. A motorcycle slammed into her tow truck, which was parked at the time, killing a man and wounding another. Jerry Willard, a 70-year-old man, was the injured individual in question, and people brought him to the hospital due to his critical condition. Patricia Willard, his wife, was also 70 years old when she died.

Jess was in charge of manslaughter and improper parking due to the accident. Jerry Willard, it appears, was the motorcycle that slammed into the tow truck’s bed while attempting to avoid the collision. Jessica had parked her vehicle outside overnight and was not in it at the time.

Tow Truck with her child
(Image source: Instagram @towtruckjess)

There hasn’t been any news about the collision Tow Truck Jess was accidentally involved in yet. But the truth is that she broke the law by parking her car in the middle of the road, which is a complete violation of North Carolina state law.

Following the incident, Tow Truck Jess’ admirers immediately set up a Go Fund Me account to help her pay her massive legal bills. Out of the required $50,000, the performance raised $34,659.00. This incident demonstrates her admirers’ devotion to her and their faith in her social media initiatives.

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