Itali Miller is an American actress best known for her appearances in A Mother’s Choice and I Got The Hook Up 2. She is also well-known as the daughter of famed rapper Master P. Not only her dad but her mother is also a famous rapper.

The American actress is also a famous influencer and fashion enthusiast. She is very popular among the members of her renowned family.

Even though she has not been part of many movies or series, she has been able to grab the limelight through her work as a fashion influencer.

Let’s know more about Itali Miller, her relationship, net worth, career, and family life.

Early Life and Family Details

Miller was born on January 8, 1999, in New Orleans, Louisiana. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Miller is from a prominent family since her father, Master P is a well-known hip-hop performer, and her mother, Sonya C., is also a rapper. Learn more about Sonya C.

Itali Miller with her father, Master P. Source: Instagram

The famous influencer graduated from a university in the United States with a bachelor’s degree. Miller has so far kept her educational history hidden from her fans.

Miller is one of nine brothers and sisters. Her family is large and caring. Her entire family, including her sister and brothers, works in the entertainment business. Veno Miller, Tytyana Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Inty Miller, Hercy Miller, Young V, and Romeo Miller are Itali Miller’s seven siblings. Learn more about Tytyana Miller.

Itali’s father, Master P, married Sonya C on April 9, 1989. The couple often appeared in public, showing their love and respect for each other. However, things didn’t go well between them as Sonya filed for divorce from her spouse in 2013, after twenty-four years of marriage.

Who is Master P?

Percy Miller, popularly known as Master P, is an actor, rapper, producer, and entrepreneur from the United States. The actor grew up on the outskirts of the drug and hustler lifestyle and acquired a passion for basketball.

When P recognized a rap audience out there that wanted street-level beats that the major labels couldn’t provide, he decided to transform the store into a record label. That is how P started his career.

Know more about Master P’s Career

Get Away Clean was P’s debut album, released in 1991, followed by Mama’s Bad Boy, released in 1992 on In-A-Minute Records. Following the publication of Mama’s Bad Boy, Master P decided to relocate the No Limit Record back to New Orleans.

The famous rapper achieved mainstream fame in 1994 with the publication of his third album, The Ghettos Are Trying to Kill Me. He advertised his songs by word of mouth because he did not have a national distribution agreement, and despite this, he sold 250,000 copies.

Things only get better for P one after another. His final album with hip-hop trio TRU was released in 2005. He is placed 10th on Forbes Magazine’s list of America’s 40 best-paid celebrities, along with a career in music production.

Bond with siblings

Growing up in such a large family is indeed a different feeling. You will be able to create so many memories with everyone.

Miller had so many people around her while growing up. Not only that, she was there for her younger siblings as well.

Itali Miller with brother, Mercy Miller. Source: Instagram

All of the siblings share a good bond. They are there for each other whenever someone needs something. Miller has always been public about how she appreciates her siblings.

Master P’s Daughter, Itali Miller’s Career

Master P is a renowned name in the entertainment industry. Because of him, Miller could get some limelight in her early days. But her hard work helped her create a name for herself.

Miller started her career as an actor. She made her debut through the short film A Mother’s Choice. However, she was not that active in her acting career.

After a long time, in 2019, she made her return to the movie I Got the Hook-Up 2. As per IMDB, she has two credits under her belt.

Even though she is not as active as an actor, she has consistently worked as a fashion influencer. Her followers have applauded her for her unique technique of expressing her style. It is fair to say that she has been able to excel in a fashion more than acting.

Who is Itali’s boyfriend?

Miller looks to be a reclusive person regarding her romantic life. She has kept her relationship history private from the general public.

The fashion influencer has been discreet regarding her love life, and in-depth information about her relationship is not possible because of this. However, there were few rumors about her relationship, but as of now, nothing is available on the internet. We will update you if she decides to go public about her relationship.

Net Worth

Since Miller is a fashion influencer, she gets a lot of paid collaborations and sponsorships. Apart from this, she has other things which help her add a good amount of money to her fortune.

The fashion influencer’s net worth is estimated to be around $2,000,000. Her net worth includes Gucci, Balmain, Givenchy, and Balenciaga sponsorships and revenue from film appearances.

Miller can also rely on her father’s net worth since Master P is one of the highest-earning rappers in the industry. Master P’s net worth is estimated at $200,000,000. As a result, Master P and his family are living the good life in Louisiana.

Social Media

Miller is quite active when it comes to social media. Since she is a fashion influencer, she completes most of her work through social media. The American actress has 31 Thousand followers on Instagram as of now.

Itali Miller in front of a car.
Itali Miller in front of a car.
Source: Instagram

The American actress has a Twitter account but doesn’t seem active there. She only has 200 followers, and it has been a long since she last tweeted.

Physical Appearance

Analyzing Miller’s pictures, it is fair to say that she has an athletic body. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding her height and weight available.

Nonetheless, the fashion influencer has a charming and alluring personality. She seems a very friendly kind of person. Miller has beautiful black hair, and the color of her eyes is also black. She has a very strong facial structure.

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