Jani Schofield is a 21 years old girl diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of six. It is a disorder that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

Further, Schizophrenia is a disorder of the brain in which the person has lost touch with reality and has symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre beliefs. Moreover, Schizophrenia is the same as multiple personality disorder.

In 2009, Jani appear on the famous ‘The Oprah show’. She was just seven years old, at that time. Also, she was suffering from childhood schizophrenia and had over 200 imaginary companions.

Further, Jani and her family grabbed massive public attention after appearing on The Oprah show. Moreover, Jani has become an inspiration for millions of youngsters, and they are somehow amazed to observe the battles of how a six-year-old young lady managed schizophrenia.

Jani Schofield Is Struggling With Schizophrenia

one of the first few children to be diagnosed with one of the most severe cases of childhood schizophrenia, Jani Schofield suffered during her childhood.

It is a severe, and devastating mental condition characterized mostly by sensory hallucinations. Though schizophrenia illness isn’t as common as other mental illnesses, it can be chronic and disabling.

Jani is one of the first children to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.
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Schizophrenia in 13-year-old children is extremely rare. Meanwhile, the same is the case for Jani Schofield. Further, Schizophrenia sometimes can cause a person to behave violently, but not all with schizophrenia are violent. It is only a small minority of violent persons.

A person with Schizophrenia can become violent when they are very ill. Furthermore, after a proper diagnosis and appropriate medication, a person with schizophrenia is no more or less violent than someone who does not have the disorder.

Jani Schofield Parents 

Jani Schofield has very caring and supportive parents. Jani’s father’s name is Michael Schofield. Likewise, her mother’s name is Susan Schofield. Jani’s parents got married a long time back and have been together for several years. Both of them have a nice bonding with each other.

Further, Susan and Michael have been the best parents who fulfill their daughter’s every physical and emotional need.

She provides a stable and secure family environment, showing affection, respecting their individual personalities and taking a genuine interest in their lives.

Jani Schofield with her mother, father and brother.
Jani Schofield with her mother, father, and brother.
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Not all people with schizophrenia require hospitalization. Meanwhile, Jani is living her life with comfort. Jani’s parents are caring for her at home by understanding the disorder and learning what kind of support the person needs while diligently following the advice of mental health professionals.

The doctor treated Jani’s schizophrenia in a timely, coordinated sustained manner. Later on, she showed a huge improvement. Meanwhile, treatment has helped Jani to engage in school.

For instance, she achieves independence and enjoys personal relationships.

More Information About Jani Schofield

Jani Schofield is a gorgeous 21-year-old girl. She was born on the 8th August of 2002 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She belongs to white ethnicity, and she holds an American nationality. The young girl was seven years of age when she appeared on ‘The Oprah show’. During that time, Jani suffered from schizophrenia.

Jani Schofield with her dad.
Jani Schofield with her dad. Image Credit: IMDB

Jani grew up with a younger brother, Bodhi Schofield, four years her junior. Unfortunately, her sibling has autism and struggles with mental health issues.

Jani is a beautiful girl. Millions of her fans are going crazy with the girl’s looks, specifically thanks to her sparkling blue eyes and porcelain-like face.

Further, her official Instagram handle is under the username @janicorazon88. As of February 2022, she has garnered over 941 followers.

Altogether, she has shared around 23 posts. She shared mostly about her daily lifestyle and enjoyable videos.

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Michael Schofield Father
Susan Schofield Mother
Bodhi Schofield brother