Following an electrifying performance at Nashville’s 328 Performance Hall, guitarist Jeff Carlisi went backstage to discuss the band’s approach to songwriting. The importance of excellent songs in their career. Not to mention, he is popular as the guitarist of the popular band 38 Special.

Love Life Of Jeff Carlisi

He is most likely single because there is no evidence of his having affairs. And even if he does, the guitarist likes to keep it private from the press. Carlisi, Max Carl (lead vocalist/keyboardist), Donnie Van Zant (vocalist), Larry Jungstrom (bassist), Danny Chauncey (guitarist), and Scott Meeker (drummer) make up the band 38 Special.

Jeff Carlisi
Jeff Carlisi
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Each member of the band contributes to the songwriting efforts of the band. Carlisi and Van Zant began working together before the founding of 38 Special. Jeff says the first genuine song he wrote was with Donnie in the first band we were in, approximately 1969.” “It was a Swing band,” says the narrator.

Net Worth Of Jeff Carlisi

Jeff Carlisi, guitarist and lyricist for.38 Special is worth $8 million now. He recounted sitting in his father’s 1962 Jaguar E-Type Roadster when he was 12 years old. Russ Carlisi, a Navy fighter pilot, was photographing Jeff as he drove the Jaguar and shifted imaginary gears in 1964. Also read: Christine Marburg

When the automobile was out in late 1961, it was a sensation,” Jeff explained, “a 150-mph car that was pretty beautiful.” 1962 was the first sports vehicle to be purchased at a reasonable price. My father paid $4,900, I believe.”

Jeff grew up with the automobile, witnessing his father drive it to work every day and driving the family to Daytona, Florida, many times a year from their home in Jacksonville.

Details OF Jeff Carlisi With 38 Special

Even though Ronnie Van Zant composed and sang the lyric “Handguns are designed for killin’, ain’t no good for nothing else,” his younger brother Donnie formed a band called after a pistol. And that band (.38 Special) did some fantastic tracks in the 1980s, not all of which were radio-friendly southern pop-rock successes. Also, know about Scott Holt.

The band benefited from something in limited supply these days: excellent players. Lead guitarist Jeff Carlisi is his voice on the instrument. While singer and rhythm/intro solo guitarist Don Barnes is a fantastic voice and is a great guitar-slinger.

Jeff Carlisi
Jeff with his first ’62 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
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He undoubtedly lost some appeal due to his lack of speed and flared in the “we all want to sign bands with fleet-fingered guitarists” era. You could hum, sing, and figure out his leads, which were instantly recognized, much like the band’s compositions.

Things To Know About Jeff

The 13th video shown on MTV’s initial broadcast was “Hold On Loosely.” When ‘music television’ was a new notion, Jeff recalls an MTV cameraman coming out to shoot their live concert. In the YouTube video from video songs, he narrates the recollection around the 17-minute point.

The urge to link children with music has always been great. In 2003, Camp Jam Co. was established in cities around the country. It provides a range of programming for musical experience for students of all ages and ability levels.

Jeff Carlisi
Guitarist, Jeff Carlisi
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In 2009 he co-wrote the book “Jam: Amp Your Team, Rock Your Business,” which also wanted to be alongside adults. He blends his success story with wise counsel for company managers keen to reach the top of their field. On January 27, 2020, Jeff was invited to Madame Perry’s Show.

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