To be a parent of a celebrity means also getting media attention. Likewise, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is getting the spotlight for being the father of his celebrity son. Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is the father of the celebrity Shia Saide LaBeouf, an American actor, performance artist, and filmmaker. On top of that, the actor’s father is a Vietnam War veteran who also worked as a professional clown. He is also a member of the Mongol motorcycle gang.

Moreover, Jeffrey “Jeff” Craig was born in the USA on February 1, 1948. He studied Film and Video/Screenwriting at the Theatre of Arts Hollywood. Jeffrey is a hardworking father who struggled a lot to live day-to-day life. After coming home from Vietnam War, Jeffrey suffered a lot due to some traumatic experiences, which created many obstacles to living in a normal society.

However, Jeffrey didn’t give up, as he had a son and wife to feed. The celebrity father worked odd jobs selling snow cones and hot dogs to performing on the street as a clown. He struggled a lot due to his past as a Veteran. Keep reading to know more about celebrity father Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf’s relationships and net worth.

Who Is Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf’s Wife?

The 75-year-old celebrity father is currently single. Jeffrey is presently focusing on himself and enjoying his solitary life. Even as Jeffrey has come into the spotlight for being the father of a well-known star, he still keeps himself outside the public eye. Jeffrey has always maintained his private life secret from the public. Likewise, Jeffrey isn’t active on social media platforms. His personal affairs are unknown to the public.

The biker Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is not married and enjoys the single life
The biker Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf is not married and enjoys the single life.
Source: Facebook @Jeff Labeouf

More, Jeffrey Craig is much interested in making his single life fun. Currently, Jeffrey hasn’t tied into any relationship. He is more comfortable in his single life.

However, Jeffrey was previously married to Shayna Saide LaBeouf. Jeffrey’s ex-spouse Shayna used to be a dancer, ballerina, visual artist, and clothing jewelry designer. Nonetheless, the pair’s first meet or wedding date is not revealed to the public. But the couple has gone through s lots of ups and down in their life while together.

Shayna Saide was born in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. And she was of Jewish descent. As described by actor Shia, he always felt love from his parents even though they were struggling financially.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf's ex-wife Shayna Saide LaBeouf and his son the actor Shia Saide LaBeouf.
Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf’s ex-wife Shayna Saide LaBeouf and his son, the actor Shia Saide LaBeouf.
Source: refinery29

Moreover, Jeffrey and Shyana’s marital life has a bittersweet story as the couple struggled financially and stayed apart as Jeffrey was fighting for his country. Through this marriage, they gave birth to one of the Hollywood stars Shia Saide. He is their only child.

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However, due to the struggle to raise a child, financial issues, and some clashes, Jeffrey and Shyana decided to part ways in 1989. Sadly, in August 2022, Shyana died because of heart failure. Actress Sandra Bullock’s mother, Helga Bullock, is no longer in the world.

Short Bio on Shia LaBeouf

The American actor, performance artist and filmmaker Shia LaBeouf is at the center of attention for being in many hit movies. Shia has created a massive name as an actor in the entertainment industry. The one and only son of Jeffrey and Shyana was born on June 11, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Likewise, the American actor is famous for playing in Transformers (2007), Fury (2014), The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019), and Honey Boy (2019). Shia started his career in acting when he was a child. Working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, Shia’s career has been thriving.

The Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf with his wife Mia Goth and newly born baby girl.
The Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf with his wife Mia Goth and newly born baby girl.
Source: Page Six

The well-known personality Shia attended 32nd Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet in Los Angeles and completed his high school degree from Alexander Hamilton High School. After the divorce of Shia’s parents, he lived till 12 with his mother, and after that, he started living with his dad Jeffrey.

The 36 aged Shia was a married man. He met English actress Mia Goth while working in Nymphomaniac in 2012. After the first meeting, Shia and Mia kept on their romantic bonding, later tying the wedding knot on October 10, 2016. However, years later, in September 2018, Mr. and Mrs. LaBeouf got divorced.

But, in February 2022, actor Shia and actress Mia reconciled their relationship. Also, from the marital bond, they welcomed a daughter in March 2022.

What Is Jeffrey LaBeouf’s Net Worth?

The former soldier and clown Jeffrey LaBeouf is currently a retired man. However, he probably earned a reasonable amount of wealth in his prime time. But for now, Jeffrey relies on his son. Jeffrey is close to his son Shia, who enjoys much wealth as a renowned actor. His son financially looks after Jeffrey.

Jeffrey LaBeouf's current work is not known however, his son Shia LaBeouf enjoys a $25 million net worth.
Jeffrey LaBeouf’s current work is not known. However, his son Shia LaBeouf enjoys a $25 million net worth.
Source: splash news

The 5-foot-10-inch (177 cm) tall actor Shia LaBeouf enjoys a $25 million net worth. Besides being popular, Shiaia has had a promising career since the start. He was also a child actor. Shia has played in many big movies, which worked in his favor. Likewise, Shia has been working with many reputable actors and directors, showing his career success.

Moreover, while playing in the Transformers film series Sam Witwicky, Shia’s total earnings were $20.75 million. In the first season of the movie, he earned $750,000. Likewise, For the second and third payments, his salary was increased to $5 million and $15 million, respectively.

Jeffrey LeBeouf and his son Shia LeBeouf are seen spending time together often.
Jeffrey LeBeouf and his son Shia LeBeouf are seen spending time together often.
Source: Backgrid

Additionally, Shia purchased a Sherman Oaks, California residence for $1.8 million in 2009. In July 2020, he put that house up for sale for $2.25 million. In September of that same year, he sold that house for $2.4 million. Moreover, Shia invested $5.475 million in buying a stunning home in Pasadena, California, in March 2020.

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