Concerning gender equality, the queer community, who used to keep themselves lowkey, came forward to speak up for their rights and liberties. The rising star Jo Ellen Pellman, who candidly reveals her sexual orientation as ‘queer,’ has encouraged many people from the same groups. With more freedom and equality, people are inspired to express their ideas and fight for their fundamental rights.

Jo Ellen, struggling to make a better future in Hollywood entertainment, made her film debut in the musical comedy The Prom (2020). The actress also received the Hollywood Critics Association’s Rising Star Award for the movie. In the following sections, let’s find out the details of Jo Ellen’s current relationship and partner.

Jo Ellen Pellman Relationship Status!

The University (2019) actress Jo Ellen is open regarding her relationship details. Like her sexuality, Pellman never pauses to describe her relationship status on her official Instagram account with nearly 50 thousand followers by uploading lovely pictures with her beloved one.

The openly queer actress Jo Ellen Pellman has been dating her partner Brydie O'Connor since 2021.
The openly queer actress Jo Ellen Pellman has been dating her partner Brydie O’Connor since 2021.
Source: Instagram @jellpell

Jo, who played Jennifer in the television series 1923, seems happy about her romantic affair with her partner, Brydie O’Connor. Pellman and O’Connor have been in a relationship since June 2021. The actress first shared images with Brydie on September 23, 2021, writing, “Posting Maine on Main with the Main: Nature Girls in Their Very Natural Habit.” In the post, the celebrity hairstylist Matthew Monzon commented, “You made it!! Have the BEST TIME!!

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The couple [Jo Ellen and Brydie] are soon celebrating their 2nd anniversary in 2023. O’Connor has a private Instagram account, but actress Pellman never misses publicizing their relationship by sharing adorable pictures.

The Prom actress Jo Alle Pellman and her partner Brydie O'Connor celebrated their 1st anniversary in June 2022.
The Prom actress Jo Ellen Pellman and her partner Brydie O’Connor celebrated their 1st anniversary in June 2022.
Source: Instagram @jellpell

Wishing Brydie on their very 1st anniversary, Jo Ellen wrote, “never forget we woke up this morning, on our 1 year anniversary, and sang ‘you are my sunshine’ together in harmony! Happy loving you all 365 days of the year, brydes.” As of now, Jo Ellen is living a blissful romantic life with Brydie. Jo’s mother also seems happy about their romantic bonding. Additionally, Jo Ellen celebrated her 2022’s Christmas with her mom and partner, wearing matching red pajamas.

Who Is Brydie O’Connor?

The Deuce actress Jo Ellen’s partner, Brydie O’Connor, is also a film industry member. O’Connor is an award-winning filmmaker whose “work focuses on women-driven and queer stories.

Jo Ellen Pellman's partner, the filmmaker, Brydie O'Connor is known for her directorial work in the docu-series Love, Barbara (2022).
Jo Ellen Pellman’s partner, the filmmaker Brydie O’Connor is known for her directorial work in the docu-series Love, Barbara (2022).
Source: Brydie O’Connor

Brydie is famous as the director of the short film Love, Barbara (2022). She received the Grand Jury prize at the Outfest in 2022 in the Outstanding Documentary (Short) category. Also, Brydie has worked as the production manager in the television series How To and as a producer in The Lesbian Bar Project.

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The director/producer, Brydie, received Bachelor’s degree in American studies and history from George Washington University. Additionally, according to her Linkedin profile, O’Connor was a production coordinator for Jax Media and Cycle.

Short About Jo Ellen Pellman’s Early Life!

The American actress Jo Ellen, who has appeared in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, was born on October 29, 1996, in Ohio. She was raised by her single mother, Monica Pellman, with whom Ellen shares a close and healthy bonding.

The 1923 (2022-2023) actress Jo Ellen Pellman with her mother Monica Pellman.
The 1923 actress Jo Ellen Pellman with her mother, Monica Pellman.
Source: Instagram @jellpell

Talking about Jo Ellen’s education, the actress attended the University of Michigan’s Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) program, majoring in musical theatre. She minored in creative writing. Likewise, Pellman has studied at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

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