Headey’s family is probably one that I wrote to almost every member. Let’s discuss why John Headey and the rest of the family members come into a highlight. And that’s how public figures’ relatives be in the limelight.

In this article, we will talk about a celebrity father, John Headey’s Life and career, Wiki bio, personal life, etc.

John Headey is the celebrity father of popular British actress Lena Headey. His daughter Lena is popular for appearing in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Besides that, John is a former British Police officer based in the United Kingdom.

The early Life of Officer John Headey

John Headey was born and grew up in the United States of America. He is British by nationality. Besides that, her daughter Lena is a reason for John Headey’s popularity.

While it seems he does not like the terming out on public media and popularity.

John Headey
John Headey.
Source: Bermuda Ex-Police Association

While it is said that John has two younger siblings, he is the eldest of all. Because of the responsibility on his shoulder, he had to join the Police force. At the same time, this field is also part of his interest. John has been a caring brother to his siblings.

Talking about John Headey’s academics, He is a well-educated man, which helped him join the Police force early.

Personal life, wife of John Headey

John Headey is the husband of Sue Headey. It’s been so long since they lived together as childhood friends.

After being in a relationship for more than five years, the couple changed their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship into a husband-wife for a lifetime.

John Headey and his wife Sue Headey
John Headey and his wife, Sue Headey.
Source: Doveclove

The couple also shared two beautiful kids named Lena and Tim Headey. At the same time, this couple shifted to England when Lena was about five. Lena is their elder child.

Moreover, there is no statement about their son Tim Headey. At the same time, Sue gave birth to her first child on October 3, 1973.

Professional life and career

Talking about John’s work life, he also has an identity besides his daughter’s fame. John works with the British police department.

John has served the United Kingdom as a police cadet. He did the United Kingdom in his entire life. Currently, he is retired from his profession as a Police officer.

Also, John is a proud father of Lena Headey, his daughter Lena is one of the established and successful actresses based in the UK. Lena has also won multiple awards in her professional career; Silver Iris Award is one of them.

Besides all her movies and series, the HBO series Game of Thrones helps her amass national and international fandom and recognition.

In the series, Lena is seen portraying the character of Cersei Lannister. Also, read about popular social media influencers and actress Milly Alcock.

About daughter Lena Headey

Lena Headey is one of Hollywood’s most successful and well-known actress.

Going more deeper, she was born in Hamilton, Bermuda. At the same time, Lena was quite compassionate in acting from a young age. She even joined an acting course at Sherley College.

John's daughter Lena Headey
John’s daughter Lena Headey
Source: ShagTree

Talking about Lena’s acting career, she started her journey in this industry, debuting in a movie called Waterland in 1992.

At the same time, Game of Thrones is one that made her popular overnight. She also appeared in movies like The Jungle Book, Mrs. Dalloway, Imagine Me & You, and the epic historical action film 300.

Unstable marriage Life of Lena Headey

Actress Lena Headey’s marriage and love Life seem quite complicated if we see her relationship history. She has been in several relationships and affairs.

At the same time, she married twice in her life till now. It is said that Lena once dated Jason Flemyng, who is also a British actor.

John Headey with his grand children
John Headey with his grandchildren.
Source: Bermuda Ex-Police Association

She also was in a relationship with actors, including Jhonny Cicco, Jerome Flynn, and Brazilian model Marcos Domina. While later, she dated and even shared their vows with Peter Loughran in 2007. Peter is an American-based Musician.

This couple also has one kid together named Wylie Elliot Loughran.

Later she dated and married her childhood friend Dan Cadan in 2018. She also has one daughter Teddy Cadan. Teddy was born while they were in a relationship. This, too, got split in 2019, one year after their marriage. Currently, Lena is dating Marc Menchaca; The couple seems so much in love.

Net Worth and Earnings

In the article, Lena Headey’s father, John, is a retired British police officer. Undoubtedly, he has amassed huge wealth from his profession as a Police officer. According to Glassdoor average salary for British forces is $57185. However, there is no exact net worth for John on the web.

She was moving to his daughter Lena. She is one of the richest actresses born in British. The actress has collected a huge sum of wealth from her profession.

She also gets paid through brand endorsement and shoots. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and our analysis daughter of a former police officer have approximately $10 million.

John Headey on Social Media

It may sound not nice, but celebrity father John is out zoned to have compassion using social sites. As per the survey, 18-32 are the most who have social accounts. Therefore, he has no social history available. There are only 20% of 70+ users who have inactive social accounts.

On the other hand, John’s daughter has a huge fan following worldwide. She also seems quite active on social sites, including Instagram.

Actress Lena has a huge following on Instagram. She is available on Instagram with her official account, iamlenaheadey, with over 3.6 million followers and 1151 posts.

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Lena Headey Daughter
Wylie Elliot Loughran Grand Son
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