Jennifer Smith is a regular woman as well as a celebrity wife. She rose to fame as a Batmom and the wife of an Internet personality, Batdad, Blake Wilson. Her ex-husband is a talented and hard-working person.

Blake Wilson posts videos with different content on his social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. His Vine account was deactivated, but he is still active on Instagram and YouTube.

Smith Married Life Timeline

Jennifer Smith, Batmom, happily married Blake Wilson, Batdad. The lovely couple had been dating for quite some time. And later, finally, they decided to make their relationship official.

Blake posted this photo to his Instagram account on November 18, 2016, with the caption jenjens22 is making pancakes. She is baking pancakes in the snap while he takes a selfie with his Batman avatar.

Jen and her husband were having a healthy, happy married life together. But for some unknown reason, the adorable pair could not continue their relationship and ended their beautiful relationship.

Beautiful Children And A Happy Family

Smith and Wilson were happy with each other’s relationship. In addition, they made a beautiful small happy family with their four children. On December 21, 2004, their first child, a daughter, was born.

Taylor Wilson was the firstborn of the family. On June 18, 2007, the couple welcomed another daughter into the world. They thought a lot and decided to name their daughter Kaya Wilson.

Jennifer Smith and Blake Wilson taking a selfie photo while having fun at their home, spending time together
Photo Source: Facebook @Batdad

Kaya frequently appears in her father’s films and is cute. Here’s a photo of their entire family having a fantastic time. Her entire family, as well as her ex-husband, are depicted in the photograph.

Her fourth child is a set of twins, and her third child is a set of triplets. Sienna Wilson, her daughter, and Ben Wilson, her son, restored their family’s happiness. On June 26, 2010, the twins were born.

Kaya Wilson’s Parents Divorced And The Reason

Blake Wilson and Jennifer Smith were having a great time, but they couldn’t keep it up. They divorced after deciding and realizing that they could not continue their Life together. Their divorce took the date in March of 2019.

Jennifer became irritated with Batdad’s avatar, which was the primary cause of their divorce. She stated that the role began to bother and annoy her in an interview. However, she loved the same thing at first.

Smith filed for divorce in the state of Florida. The couple is now great friends, and their angelic children strengthen their bond. They could not cut their relationship fully due to their children.

This video clarifies her dissatisfaction with her partner’s Batman avatar and character. Her Life partner uploaded this video and stated, “I was in the restroom,” says Batdad. He found content everywhere.

After a fan inquired, Blake revealed the split: “Are they still together?” He said Jen and Blake are still friends, and they’re trying to be champions in raising their children or co-parenting.

Custody of Children After Jen and Blake’s Divorced

Divorce is something that no one should ever have to go through. It was hard for Blake and Jennifer as well. The couple has four wonderful children, and picking just two of them would have been difficult.

Jennifer and Blake are now sharing custody of their children. Jen is now caring for Kaya and Taylor. The separation of the youngsters will aid the parents’ preparations, which have been working well thus far.

Batdad, Blake Wilson, and their children, Ben Wilson and Sienna Wilson taking a selfie photo while having fun at home together
Photo Source: Instagram @batdadblake

Blake is hosting Ben and Sienna, confirmed through an Instagram post. They also stated that they are enjoying a happy and lavish Life together. However, the children may miss their mother from time to time.

Struggle and Memories after the Divorce

The memories are what remain after separation. The former couple captured their funniest moments in a video uploaded by BatDad. In the video, the former couple is having the time of their lives.

Videos could bring back memories for the couple and their admirers. The couple had been happy in the past, but then everything changed. Jennifer was annoyed by his character, as evidenced by several clips.

In one of the scenes in the video, BatDad is playing background music and chanting Jen in the car, which irritates her. Blake also poked fun at her clothes in the video, asking how many purple zebras to make it.

Jennifer Smith slowly became tired of Wilson at several points throughout the film. He irritated her while driving, doing laundry, cooking, and any time he could. In the past times of her, we feel sad for Jennifer.

Relationship of Smith and Wilson After Their Split

Even after their divorce, Blake and Jennifer enjoy a beautiful connection. It may be for the children’s benefit, but the couple has a warm relationship. They are trying to be the best co-parenting champions.

Jennifer aspired to be famous through her ex-husband’s videos. She is currently alone and raising her children on her own. Moreover, she no longer wants to appear in Blake’s videos and previous videos.

Wilson continues to create incredible videos for his viewers. In one of his most recent Instagram videos, he does some tricks for the world to see. Further, he is a talented man and is doing great in his career.

While playing video games, Batdad’s son takes a cotton bud and gently brushes it against his cheek. His son’s ear flips closed now and again, and it’s fascinating. Blake is making videos even after the divorce.

Jennifer’s Net Worth

Jennifer Smith is a private person and has kept her personal life away from the spotlight and the media. She hasn’t disclosed her career Life and net worth in front of the camera. But her ex-spouse was open.

Her ex-husband has an amazing net worth of $250 thousand, with his YouTube channel serving as his principal source of income. He earns a substantial salary and has a sizable net worth.

Kaya Wilson’s father’s actual net worth and earnings have yet to be revealed. His earning quest began when he purchased a $10 Batman mask and began filming films. He was unique in the public’s view.

Taylor’s dad has a sizable following on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Advertisements support his YouTube channel. He makes his clothing and sells it on his website.

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