John Kirby is a retired admiral in the United States Navy. As of 2022, he serves as an assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. He is also a Navy Distinguish Service medal holder.

He previously worked as a military and diplomatic analyst for CNN from 2017 to 2021. Before that, he had also served as a spokesperson. He also has a Legion of Merit and Defence Superior Medal.

Kirby was commissioner in September 1986 after completing Officer Candidate School at Newport, R.I. He qualified as a surface warfare officer aboard the guided-missile frigate USS Aubrey Fitch (FFG 34).

On March 11, 2021, Kirby scolded Tucker Carlson for suggesting that female uniform adjustments, such as maternity clothing and haircut standards, impacted the military’s fitness and performance. 

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John Kirby Engaged To Wife Donna Kirby

John Kirby has been in a relationship with his wife Donna Kirby for more than 15 years. Donna is also a former navy veteran, and it is found that their initial meeting was in the US Navy while they were on duty.

At first, John was in love with Donna’s personality. And slowly, they shared their social account and numbers. They started dating each other and used to travel to different places together and have fun.

John Kirby married his spouse when he was a Navy soldier. Furthermore, they have completed over 20 years of the husband-wife relationship. They are parents to two beautiful children.

The Couple’s daughter, Meagan Kirby, is a former athlete. Who struggled six-year with anorexia and depression. The Pair helped Meghan overcome the disorder, and she is now healthy.

According to Meagan, struggling six-year with anorexia and depression was the most challenging part of her life. She still feels like a nightmare and hopes that nobody suffers as she suffered.

At the same time, Kirby’s son Colin Kirby is an officer candidate in the Navy ROTC at North Carolina State. He is a well-managed and disciplined son and has received many awards for being a good officer.

Thus, The Couple is living a happy and lavish family life now.

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John Kirby Gay Rumours

All the people used to declare John as gay. Many tweets and comments support that the Navy officer is gay. But John ignored everything people used to tell him about his gay and homosexuality.

As The Navy Officer shows the personality as he is gay, but that is just his nature. When they got married, people still used to tell them that they could not give birth as John is homosexual, which went wrong.

When John and his wife gave birth to a daughter, everyone became silent. People started believing that he was not gay, but some people still told rumors that the Couple adopted the daughter as he is gay.

Again, The Couple gave birth to a son, then everyone’s opinions and rumors about gay and homosexuality started disappearing. People finally trusted that he was not gay and could live a family life.

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